Verona – Cagliari: 0-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Final score and commentary on the match

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  • Each point makes Cagliari happier, which is still stuck in the safety zone, but separates Salernitana, the undefeated against Juventus. Verona goes to 20 points.22:44

  • A very intense game but where neither team was able to outdo each other. Verona is more dangerous but not accurate, Cagliari tried at the start of the second half but in the end they closed in too much and risked defeat..22:41

  • 90′ + 4′

    The end of the match: Verona – Cagliari 0-0.22:39

  • 90′ + 2′

    Verona opportunity! N├índez loses the ball mid-court and Verona quickly starts again by throwing Tamezzi’s lasagna vertically, and Cibitelli distracted his slasher shot.22:36

  • 90′

    There will be 4 minutes of recovery.22:35

  • 88 ‘

    Caceres shows a yellow card for wasting time.22:32

  • 86′

    Lykogiannis also failed to hold within Zappa.22:30

  • 84 ‘

    Lasagna is one step closer to the goal! Varoni’s ball hit the near post and Lasagna touch in front of goal, but Radonovic saved again instinctively. Then Mercenaro stopped offside.22:29

  • 82 ‘

    Grassi cannot continue inside Strootman.22:26

  • 80 ‘

    Control and shot by Besa from a distance of twenty meters, the central conclusion.22:25

  • 78 ‘

    Also inside is Besa for Veloso.22:22

  • 78 ‘

    Tameze took over from Ilic.22:22

  • 78 ‘

    Triple change in Verona, introduces Simeone’s lasagna.22:22

  • 77 ‘

    Barak puts the ball on the left and tries a shot from the edge, Radonovic safely repels.22:21

  • 74 ‘

    Relay between Pavoletti and Keita.22:20

  • 74 ‘

    Double change in Cagliari, in Marin for Dalbert.22:20

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  • 73 ‘

    Joao Pedro winds up the ball from a distance, the shot goes wide.22:18

  • 69′

    Palo del Verona! Dawidovich headed from the corner, the ball hit the inner post.22:14

  • 68 ‘

    Capri fires for Varoni, the winger enters the area and tries to conclude but is recovered at the time of the shot.22:12

  • 63′

    Statistical puzzlement: Hellas Verona have not conceded a goal in the first half in 10 out of 15 matches, only Fiorentina (11) have done better this season in Serie A.22:07

  • 59′

    Capari throws Simeone deep, the Argentine defends the ball, enters the area, but fails to coordinate by kicking the ball out of the net.22:04

  • 57 ‘

    Barack! From the edge he’s trying to put, Radonovic overpowers himself and with his open hand sends a corner kick.22:02

  • 55 ‘

    Simeon! One two of the Pharaohs, Simeone, the attacker enters the area and tries to put it down but Radonovic falls to the ground.22:00

  • 53 ‘

    Cagliari is better at this start of recovery. Guests raise their center of gravity.21:57

  • 50′

    The same fate as Lazovic, his yellow card too.21:55

  • 50′

    Yellow card for Keita after the dispute on the field.21:55

  • 49 ‘

    Immediately after the foul, morale on the field lights up with the tensions between the different players. Mercenaries brings order.21:54

  • 49 ‘

    Do it from behind by Simeone on Nandes. Yellow card for him.21:53

  • 46 ‘

    The second half of VERONA – CAGLIARI begins.21:50

  • 46 ‘

    In Verona Seccherini goes out to Casal.21:50

  • Block the match with the hosts who control the ball but do not find holes. The extremely compact Cagliari becomes dangerous in reboots.21:34

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  • 45′

    The end of the first half: Verona – Cagliari 0-0.21:34

  • 42 ‘

    Nandez crosses the area, and Carbone tries to spit it out with his head, but the ball ends up in Montepo’s arms.21:31

  • 39 ‘

    Free kick Verona, Veloso tries with a shot that ends over the crossbar.21:28

  • 36′

    Cagliari penalty, Lykogiannis kicks low but hard at the near post. The ball is to the right of Montepo.21:25

  • 35 ‘

    Guenter yellow card for a foul on Grassi.21:23

  • 33 ‘

    Nandez’s conclusion From a tight angle, Montepo hit his slash shot.21:22

  • 30′

    Half an hour into the game, the game is blocked with hosts trying to build without being able to find ports.21:18

  • 28 ‘

    A cross shot by Veloso from a corner kick, Radonovic sends to the side with his fists.21:17

  • 24′

    Cagliari closed in defense, Verona does not find voids.21:13

  • 19 ‘

    He stopped and shot from the edge to Keita, but a central shot saved Montepo.21:08

  • 16′

    Joao Pedro tries from the edge of the area, but inside is weak and ends up in Montepo’s arms21:05

  • 12′

    Caprari recovers the ball at the trocar and tries to break through on his own, but his conclusion is deflected into a corner kick.21:01

  • 9′

    Veloso concludes from distance and the ball is well over the bar.20:57

  • 7′

    Serves Joao Pedro Bellanova, who is trying to shoot from outside the penalty area. high ball20:56

  • 5′

    Verona opportunity! Varoni sends in the area a soft cross at the far post, and Caprari is unable to push the ball into the net, making himself recover from a slipping interference from Caceres.20:55

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  • 3′

    Verona is more aggressive at this start.20:51

  • 1 ‘

    The start of the whistle for Verona – Cagliari. Marcenaro rulers.20:49

  • Gunter returns to Verona from the first minute in defense, only the assurances of a striker with the duo formed by Barak and Caprari behind Simeone. But at Cagliari there was a spin in the middle of the field with Strootman and Marin starting from the bench, Bellanova and Grassi taking their place. In the attack again Keita with Joao Pedro. From the Pavolet seat.20:14

  • Cagliari formation (4-4-2): Radonovic – Caceres, Cibitelli, Carbone, Licogiannis – Nandez, Bellanova, Grassi, Dalbert – Joao Pedro, Keita. Available: Areti, Strootman, Ceter, Deiola, Oliva, Altare, Marin, Pereiro, Pavoletti, Obert, Zappa, D’Aniello.20:11

  • Verona formation (3-4-2-1): Montepe – Davidovich, Ceccherini, Gunter – Varoni, Ilic, Veloso, Lazovic – Barak, Caprare – Simeone. Available: Pandor, Tamiz, Magnani, Casale, Roig, Besa, Lasagna, Chancellor, Sotalo, Ragusa, Berardi.20:07

  • So it is a complex journey to Sardinia, in search of points under a complex classification which you see in last place at 8 points coexisting with Salernitana. Alternatively, Verona could start with a dream win, and get closer to the European region.19:29

  • In the Bentegudi challenge between Verona who has only been defeated once in the past six days and Cagliari who instead returned from two straight draws, but they have not won since mid-October.19:24

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Marcantonio Bentegodi
    City: Verona
    Capacity: 39,211 spectators19:24

    Marcantonio Bentegodi
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