They estimate that there will be approximately 5,000 new cases of cancer in the demarcation area by 2024.

They estimate that there will be approximately 5,000 new cases of cancer in the demarcation area by 2024.

It is estimated that this year 2024 a total of 4,945 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the regions of Tarragona, Of these, 59% will be in men and 41% in women, according to calculations by the Tarragona Cancer Registry of the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Service ofSant Joan de Ríos University Hospital.

The most common type of cancer in The homes will be colon and rectum (559), prostate (415), lung (445), urinary bladder (346). In women the most common cancer They will be my mother (586), colon and rectum (302), lung (145), uterine body (106).

According to the registry, the incidence trend over the past 10 years in men has decreased by 1.2% per year. However, in some types of cancer the incidence has not stopped increasing, such as pancreatic cancer. On the other hand, some tobacco-related cancers, such as cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and lung, are declining.

In women, during this same period, the incidence of all types of cancer remained stable. It is worth noting the stability of colorectal cancer rates and the general rise in rates of cancers most related to tobacco (oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, lung) as a result of the increasing prevalence of smoking among women. Breast cancer has increased very slowly, and in fact should be considered stable. Lung cancer rates continue to increase, and are clearly in third place among women.

It is estimated that at the end of 2023, there were about 37,538 people in the province of Tarragona who had been diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. The three most common types of cancer at the end of 2023 were breast (8,303), colorectal (5,951) and prostate (5,372).).

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Activities to commemorate World Cancer Day in Reus i

On the other hand, next Sunday. On February 4, Llotja de Reus will host World Cancer Day With a series of activities that will bring the disease closer to the population through the voice of experts and patients, but will also include cultural and recreational activities that will be the most informative part.

This day, celebrated in Reus for the second year in a row, is consolidated as a reference event in the region that demonstrates the work carried out by the Anti-Cancer League of the provinces of Tarragona and Terres de Libre with all its delegations and with volunteerism as a fundamental pillar of the organization.

The president of the association, Dr. Agustina Sirgu “The real strength of our cause lies in daily communication, constant support and the determination to stand 365 days a year alongside those affected and their families. This is what we have been doing for 30 years and we will always continue to do so,” he added.

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