Artistic and documentary works divided between son and assistant –

Artistic and documentary works divided between son and assistant –
to Elvira Serra

The document containing the last wishes of the actress who died at the age of 95: the assets are divided equally between her son Andrea Milko Scovic and Factotum. Etruscan vases were destined for the state

Half the estate to the son and half to the godson, the aide who has supported her as a member of the family for the past twelve years, and who has been at home with her for eight years in the villa onAppia Antica in Romewho accompanied her on dates, who organized her birthday parties, feasts and outings with friends, the same one who is today on trial for defrauding the incompetent. Andrea Milko Scovic And Andrew Piazzola
They are the sole heirs, equally, of an estate Gina Lollobrigida, the singer, who passed away on January 16 at the age of 95. the Will opened on Monday evening And the content was disclosed yesterday at 13 o’clock by the notary Barbara FranceschiniWho conveyed the wishes of the actress to the heirs and benefactors.


The will was drawn up on January 5, 2017, in Rome, in the presence of two witnesses. The Monegasque lawyer is the executor of the will Bernard Pencewho was assigned a mission By liquidating his estate, and dividing his proceeds among his heirsAccording to the prescribed shares Francesca Romana Lupuisthe legal advisor with whom he set up Bersagliera in 2018 Trust Gina Lollobrigida The subject of the second will expressed in the will related to works of art: drawings, photographs, and sculptures made by the actress during her long life. These assets, which cannot be sold, are left to Piazzolla and the businessman Horatio Pagania close friend of the protagonist Bread, love and imaginationwhile restricting its promotion in the world, by organizing exhibitions in major museums.

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Gina Lollobrigida writes: Lego coins by Horatio Pagani and Andrea Piazzola Created by me with the burden of publicizing and promoting my artistic activity through the promotion and organization of exhibitions It should be on display in the most prestigious museums in the world
or. I do not wish to sell these works, but I expressly authorize the heirs to reproduce the works themselves by making temporary or permanent copies, on digital materials or supports. Moreover, he entrusted both of them with the original film containing A documentary I made about the life of Fidel Castroand authorize them to publish it. While it is associated with the Italian state, the collection of Etruscan vases given to it by Prince Maximus: a hundred in all.

trial session

There is no point in asking his son Milko Scović or his lawyer to comment on the contents of the will. Michele Gentiloni Silveri, who eventually made himself available to speak only of the trials in which Piazzolla was accused of defrauding an incompetent person: on account of the accusation Piazzolla is alleged to have slowly robbed Bersagliera of goods, buildings, and money. A hearing is scheduled for today in Rome where Gina Lollobrigida should have been heard. But the Factotum lawyer, Philip Morlacinidoes not sound pessimistic: the trial in progress The main thing is to reaffirm the truth at the last hearing, when Andrea Piazzola called Gina’s cardiologist and her lawyer as witnesses: both described her as a straightforward and stubborn character.


Francesca Romana LupuisHowever, he notes that whatever the outcome of the trial, Piazzolla would not be able to lose the power to be heir. As for Pagani, whom she has known herself over the years, she describes him as a person very fond of the actress: during her last stay in the hospital for an operation on the femur, last September, she put herself at her complete disposal. As for trust, explains that judicial procedures completely obstructed his investigation: we were only able to place one work within him. Then came hiring a support officer, which Jenna couldn’t choose, and everything got blocked. On his behalf I have already made three inventories of his complete works: photographs, drawings, and sculptures.

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the desire of the artist

Gina has always been celebrated as an actress, but felt more like an artist: her activity as a sculptor was a source of pride for her and she often said she wished the rest of the world knew her too, says Gina Lollobrigida’s lawyer, Filippo Maria Messini. I am especially pleased to see that his wish was written in his will and I hope it will be fulfilled because I can testify that it is faithful to his artistic sensibility. It is not known what the next steps might be. whether her son Milko will contest the will or whether someone else will (at the actress’s funeral he was present in the front row Javier Regao, the Catalan businessman who married Gina Lollobrigida by proxy in 2011: this marriage was annulled by Sacra Rota in 2019). The will is dated January 5, 2017. Bersagliera’s son and nephew Andrea Piazzolla denounced for defrauding an incapacitated person on March 10, 2017.

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