Praise for a Small Country, by Alphonse Martinez Puig

Praise for a Small Country, by Alphonse Martinez Puig

Thank you for a small countryfile

Defining the character of the Empordà has been attempted on numerous occasionsPerhaps it was Giuseppe Pla who more than got it right, but I always thought it didn't matter because Pla, as we all know, was from Empordada and, therefore, knew each other and us well enough. Currently, the person who best defines this mood is Xavier Febres.

I've had it in my hands for a few days Motel Empordà, praise of stable love, edited by Javaris by the writer and journalist Xavier Febres; As I usually do with his books, I cheated on my reading list to put it at the top of the pile and start reading it right away – even before another book of his, which would be the next one, The Lost Gold of Lemon Orchards and Other Stories.

This time with an introduction by Jaume Soubirós and an afterword by Joan and Giuseppe Rocca, more than the names most relevant to gastronomy in our country, making it an even more suggestive proposal. But it doesn't stop here, because FebruaryIn a commendable exercise, He is able to take us on a precise and interesting tour of the geography and psychology of the Empordà regionsometimes with justifiable nostalgia, always with rigor and wisdom and framed in the critical, observant and meticulous gaze of the curious journalist.

How does he do that? Well, through Ramzi Restaurant in “Motel”who knows well, Where gastronomy dances across the region, flavors dance through unusual dishes, and endless sprawling tables, the French are seen as a neighborhood and a psychological counterpoint.; With this book we get a taste of all Empordà, its references, its history and its unique characters.

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Once again Xavier Febres describes the restaurant Empordà, a gastronomy synonymous with excellence, good treatment, appreciation and sincere friendship.; It is largely our mood and a life's journey capable of concentrating an entire country in gastronomic creativity, especially a small country as large as ours. Glad to see you back on the plains of our chief.

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