Ventilation insulation, home thermal protection advantages

Ventilation insulation, home thermal protection advantages

Ventilated insulation is a solution with a green spirit, offered by bioarchitecture: let’s discover all the advantages of this method thanks to which we can guarantee thermal protection at home.

Ventilation insulation (Pexels) –

We live in a historical moment Reducing pollution and consumption is essential. Our planet is increasingly being undermined by man-made emissions, and therefore we must move in every sector towards sustainability.

From food to fashion to transportation, there is also the construction sector. More often we talk about buildings with a green soul: Bioarchitecture which aims to implement an ecological approach to architecture.

Saving energy, improving life and environmental sustainability are the pillars on which it is built. In recent years, this specialty has spread more and more, and has made a lot of progress.

Between the application of photovoltaic panels to buildings and the use of materials with low environmental impact used in buildings and furniture purposes, they stand out Well ventilated insulation. This allows you to save a lot in terms of energy consumption, do a good job for the environment and significantly reduce the amount of bills.

It is an investment that pays off in the long run, allowing roofs and facades to be protected, thus limiting heat loss.

Ventilation insulation: the advantages of this solution in terms of energy efficiency

Ventilated insulation: a bioarchitecture intervention
Ventilated insulation, intervention in the name of energy saving (Pexels) –

To say goodbye to energy dispersion in buildings, one The solution with countless advantages is insulation ventilation. This is an option that allows you to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, and, accordingly, reduce consumption. This way you have less impact on the environment and you can also save on bills.

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In fact, when the structure is enclosed in a high-performance envelope, the Energy demand drops sharply. This way the installed systems can be of lower power. Ventilated insulation therefore hides many positives, representing an evolution of thermal insulation: it must be designed upstream, applied as a coating to be applied throughout the building.

Versatile and an excellent performer, this option is easy to install and does not require the use of thermal bridges. this An element of bio-architecture (here you can find an in-depth look at other green building solutions) It is movable with two layers: the cover and the insulator, where there is a free space in which the natural air passes, allowing the flow of excess heat in summer and saying goodbye to dampness in winter.

Ventilation insulation: the advantages of this solution in the name of energy efficiency
Ventilated insulation, an option with countless advantages (Pexels) –

Casing insulation ventilation So it represents one Latest solutions in the name of sustainabilityIt is increasingly used in the field of construction work, since it is also quick and easy to apply: it can be applied to any type of cladding that makes up the facade.

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