Live Wimbledon, Sinner-Safiullin 1-1 (6-4, 3-6): Follow the match live

Live Wimbledon, Sinner-Safiullin 1-1 (6-4, 3-6): Follow the match live

6:04 p.m

The fault is there: 1-0 at the start of the third set

The Italian on serve starts on the right foot, emerging from a negative spiral

5:59 p.m

Sevulin wins the second set, 6-3

The error remains zero. directs the Russians


Sinner’s Moment of Difficulty: Under 5-4

The second break in a row for the Russian


Safiullin leads 4-3

The sinner loses Third match in a row: no moment and also a bit of bad luck

5.50 m

Sviollin hits 3-3

empty corridor from italian. A surprising Russian break

5.45 p.m

Sevulin raises his head: 3-2

The Russian replies, but the Italian has a break to manage


False forward 3-1

uniform break from italian. Another game to zero

5:41 p.m

Sinner, broken to zero: 2-1 in the second set

Eight consecutive points for the Italian. Everything works, front and back. The Russian also scores a double fault


Wrong, good reaction: 1-1

Passer for the Russian and then the Italian ace, who returns (from 0 to 30) and reaches a tie in the second set


Sevulin 1-0

The second group resumes with the Russian holding service


Sinner won the first set: 6-4

The Italian keeps batting in turn to zero. Part of 12-1. Perfection for the Italian, who leads 1-0

5.25 p.m

Sinner, what a break: 5-4 and goes to serve

A great match for the Italian, who is now serving in Group A


Foul on the ball: 4-4

The Russian is still at zero. Italian language game which closes with a huge cross back

5:19 p.m

Safiullin spans: 4-3

Power, Accuracy and Aggression: The Russians take the lead

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5:17 p.m

The sinner draws: 3-3

The ball is short and the Italian catches the serve without difficulty


Sevulin lead 3-2

The Italian has two break points, but the Russian cancels them, holding his serve and now advancing


Sinner replies, now 2-2

He carries service Also blue, which only concedes one error. Parity again.

4:59 p.m

Flawless submission by Safiullin, 1-2

second Zero service For the Russian, who presses the sinner on the joke. Still There are no points in the answer for blue.

4:57 p.m

The wrong reaction, 1-1

South Tyrol replies immediately, who holds the line joke With some problems but brings the score back to a tie. conclusion b witty to the wrong one.

4:53 p.m

Faulty bad start

Zero service By Safiullin, who quickly takes the first game. fall to Land For South Tyrol at the last point, fortunately without problems.

4:52 p.m

Sinner-Safiullin Begins!

Begins! The quarter-finals begin Sinful and sinful.

4:46 p.m

Guilty in the field! Applause from the audience

up to field 1 Yannick SinnerHe welcomed applause from the audience. Now warm up and then we start.

4.45 p.m

The roof closed for Sinner’s challenge

Growing anticipation of the arrival Yannick Sinner in field 1, Coveredwhere Svyulin will challenge the Russian.


The sinner is chasing an Italian record

For South Tyrol it is Fifth quarter-final in Al-Raed. in front of him BanataAnd beretini (6) f Pietrangeli (10). Moreover, for Sinner it is The second year in a row Among the top eight at Wimbledon.

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Vondrousova beats Pegula: space for Sinner

Incredible performance by the Russian, No. 42 in the ranking, who is back in The third group and delete a file No. 4 in the worldAnd Pegola. Vondrousova Fly to the semi-finals. Field 1 edited: Space for a challenge between Sinner and Safiullin.

4:05 p.m

False, the one between Djokovic and Rublev in the semi-final situation

If only South Tyrol could beat the Russians Sviolinewill invade Wimbledon semi-final. If his opponent was someone Djokovic and Rublevwho will compete at the same time on the central court.

3:57 p.m

Let’s start again! Pegula and Vondrousova, with a score of 3-1

After a few minutes of disconnection, yes Start playing on court 1 again. Pegula is 3-1 ahead of Vondrousova and can finish the match.

3.45 p.m

The Wimbledon match was interrupted by rain

Challenges on the London turf stop: rain on the fields. Now I will close roofs At Court 1 and Central Court.

3.35 p.m

Unbelievable at Wimbledon: basket in the glass!

in the price Medvedev had won LeheckaForced to retire. However, the Czech tennis player managed to become the protagonist of the game Exciting moment On the English lawn – that’s what happened. (read all)


Pegula’s reaction, the sinner must wait

After the first set he won VondrousovaUnited State Pegola The second victories: The challenge continues in the third and decisive set, kafir You will have to wait for field 1 to become free.


Sinner, which is Safiullin: characteristics and curiosities

All the details about the 25-year-old Russian, no Ninety two from the global ranking. Its footage, features and the particular reason behind it this year Missed Roland Garros. (read all)

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3:10 p.m

Sin and Safiullin in the stadium after Pegula-Vondrousova

The match between Sinner and Safiullin is Second day scheduled in court 1: will play blue and Russian After the challenge between American Pegula and Czech Vondrousova (With the last hour leading by a set and 4-2 in the second set)

3:01 PM

Sinner-Safiullin: Where do you see it on TV and live

The sinner challenges Safiullin For a place in the semifinals at Wimbledon. All you need to know to follow the match live on TV and broadcast… (read all)

2:52 p.m

Sinner-Safiullin: There is only one precedent

there Just one precedent between Sinner and Safiullin And ‘smiles’ at the 21-year-old Italian (ATP No. 8), who in January 2022 in Australia overtook the 25-year-old Russian (ATP No. 92) On concrete at the ATP Cup (Team Championship): 76-, 6-3 final score after that for South Tyrol which prevailed in just under two hours.

Wimbledon – London (UK)

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