Dramatic failure for SEGA? – Multiplayer.it

Dramatic failure for SEGA?  – Multiplayer.it

Some online stores, such as Amazon and Gamestop, already sell console versions of vocal boundaries in strong opponent, which is $39.99 instead of $59.99. This may be an unmistakable sign ofshame For the game, most critics received it coldly.

The news also created disappointment for another reason: those who bought Sonic Frontiers at launch at full price, did not like the sudden reduction, considering that only a few days had passed since the game hit the market. Let’s say he feels he paid $20 too much.

In short, it seems the classic move made to try to escape for cover, which, however, ends up annoying everyone, casting a long shadow. shame in the entire project.

For the rest, if you like more information About the game, read the Sonic Frontiers review in which we wrote:

Sonic Frontiers is the rescue game that many have been waiting for for twenty years or more. Finally, the Sonic team has figured out how to translate their most popular series into 3D context, but now it’s necessary to raise the quality of everything else. It’s the outlines that do damage to the game that definitely deserves more, especially more subtlety and attention to some damn detail. If you’re looking for something fast, new and fun, if you’re looking for a platform other than the usual Nintendo, Sonic Frontiers can probably meet all your needs. It’s also a fairly large game: it takes about twenty hours to get to the end, and there are surely those who will spend more. What not to be taken for granted: the texts and sounds are entirely in Italian.

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