Rebukes PSOE and PP for beating Sanchez doll

Rebukes PSOE and PP for beating Sanchez doll

The last night of 2023 left the news back in front of the headquarters PSOE(Carrer de Ferraz in Madrid). Since the beginning of November, far-right groups and the party Fox They called for protests against the amnesty law in front of the building, and on New Year's Eve, dozens of people also went to show their rejection of the central government and ended up beating the piñata that represents the head of the executive branch, Pedro Sanchez. “Damn Red, Cobra, this is what you deserve” or “You need to end it” were some of the cries that were recorded, some of which were broadcast live on social networks.

The Socialist Workers' Party believes that this fact is a result of the polarization that it believes… s Encouragingly, the party's legal team is studying videos and photographs related to the hate crime charges. “The People's Party has linked its fate to the fate of the far right and is no longer able to condemn hateful acts like those that took place in Ferraz, where the head of government was seriously insulted,” complained yesterday Maria Jesús Montero, First Deputy – Head of Government and number two of the PSOE in the network. Social X.

Not even the leader of the People's Party, Alberto Nunez ViejoThe party's Secretary General, Kuka Gamarra, did not speak publicly about this incident, although sources from the leadership responded by recalling that, at the New Year's march, he “was also insulted by the accusations of extreme seriousness leveled by the People's Party.” However, they expressed their rejection of what happened to Feraz. They stressed, “We do not like what happened that night, and anything that does not fall within the limits of respect is rejected and condemned by us.”

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Other cases

But conservatives, at the same time, consider the Socialist Workers Party inconsistent with the restrictions it imposes on freedom of expression, depending on who it influences. People say the Socialist Party “does not think it is criminally wrong to burn pictures of the king or the flag of Spain” while “it is outraged by the piñata bearing the face of Pedro Sánchez.” “What does the PSOE think about insults? [José Luis Martínez] Almeida by the same people who hit the piñata? And burning effigies bearing Feijóo's image in Galicia? What about burning pictures of the head of the Popular Party on the dyad? Ask the leadership of the Popular Party.

In recent years, the European Court of Human Rights has warned Spanish courts that burning images of the king is not a crime, but rather a form of freedom of political expression. In fact, the Socialist Workers' Party was, at that time, in favor of amending the Penal Code to bring it into line with the principle of the Strasbourg judges.

In any case, the Socialists despise the “general denunciations” of the People's Party and do not want them to add a “but” to their comment. They recall that the PSOE immediately rejected the insults directed at the mayor of Madrid at the same New Year's protests.

Sánchez's party missed a clear message from Figo after the “months of siege on Ferraz's headquarters.” “Reservations are no longer good for us, because reservations are justifications for actions,” Patxi Lopez, spokesman for the PSOE parliamentary group, told SER. For now, Nuñez Viejo, the leader of the People's Party, remains silent.

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