Vodafone, from today FTTH Fiber also on the FiberCop network up to 1 Gbps in some cities – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | telephony

Vodafone, from today FTTH Fiber also on the FiberCop network up to 1 Gbps in some cities – MondoMobileWeb.it |  News |  telephony

starting From today, January 16, 2023And Vodafone Began to sell, at some cities covers it FTTH fiber from FiberCop (TIM)Landline connections with Speeds of up to 1 Gbpsalong with Open Fiber coverage of up to 2.5Gbps.

So far, Vodafone FTTH Fiber Offers They were subscribers only in the cities they covered Open the fiberparticularly where Vodafone has installed its equipment (thereby exploiting optical fibers in passive mode).

If initially on the FTTH network Open the fiber Vodafone used a speed profile for 1Gbps download and 200Mbps upload, starting from From June 2021, for all new activations of landline offers, the operator has launched a new speed profile that allows you to surf up to 2.5 Gbps in download and up to 500 Mbps in upload.

In which cities can FTTH FiberCop be activated with Vodafone?

But starting today, according to verified sources, Vodafone is gradually opening up FTTH fiber sales in some of the cities covered by FiberCopspecially Addresses previously covered only in FTTC technology.

the The first cities Where Vodafone allows you to activate the file FTTH fiber in the titles it covers Fiber Cup They are as follows: Bergamo, Bolzano, Florence, Genoa, Modena, Palermo, Parma, Prato, Rimini, Rome, Siena, Turin, Trieste, Trento, Verona, Vicenza.

In these municipalities, Vodafone will allow you to activate your Fiber profile GPON FTTH with speeds of up to 1Gbps download and up to 300Mbps upload.

Vodafone will open new FTTH covered addresses for sale gradually from January 16, 2023.

In some of the above municipalities, there are currently addresses already covered by FTTH Open Fiber with a 2.5Gbps profile. In these cases, the new FTTH Fiber coverage will be implemented on the FiberCop network at speeds up to 1Gbps at addresses covered by the FTTC.. With Vodafone, in these cities, depending on the address, there will be Open Fiber FTTH coverage of up to 2.5Gbps and FiberCop FTTH coverage of up to 1Gbps.

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Vodafone Vibra Fiber Cup

Customers will be provided with a Wi-Fi 6 terminal with an external ONT

For activations on the FTTH open fiber network, as well as on the FTTH FiberCop network The modem that will always be provided to the customer Vodafone Wi-Fi Station 6.

However, unlike what happens on the Open Fiber network, Vodafone customers who activate a FTTH line at an address covered by FiberCop will also have one installed. external ontwhich will be connected via an Ethernet cable to the Wi-Fi 6 terminal.

To activate Vodafone Fibra’s offerings on the FTTH FiberCop network up to 1Gbps, the devices are expected to be delivered during the line installation phase. For in-store purchases, the Vodafone Data SIM will be connected as normal by the seller.

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