The sour candy that was the “boom” of the 90s is back in Mercadona

The sour candy that was the “boom” of the 90s is back in Mercadona

Back to Mercadona One of the desserts that delighted our parents a lot and quickly became the most requested in the dessert section. A rectangular, elastic-textured, red and blue candy that has become a favorite among the kids at home.

Raspberry and cola, the two flavors of this dessert in Mercadona

Surprise your guests with this Mercadona dessert Loved by children and adults, because of its sour taste that is a unique explosion on the palate and makes it more enjoyable.

We found a Mercadona This candy in a bag is made with separate units inside. So you can choose which flavor you want to try first. Because they are discrete in their presence, they are much easier to share, being an excellent choice to put on the table, in a bowl, or simply take as much as you want to eat.

Mercadona dessert

This offer we find is from 200 grams bagWhich means that inside you will find approximately 18 units, so multiple people can eat from the same package and it becomes a very good option for sharing.

The blue ones are from cola, while the red ones are from berries. These colors add fun to this dessert MercadonBecause it paints the tongue and children love it.

Remember that This candy has a sour tasteTherefore, the manufacturer always recommends that children take it under the supervision of their parents in case of any discomfort. It is also recommended that its consumption be moderate to prevent further discomfort.

This dessert is not recommended for children under six years of age. The price will eventually tempt you to get multiple bags since it's a find treat now To Mercadona for 1.85 eurosso you can try it without your pocket noticing or at least buy it.

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You can check the availability of this dessert at your nearest Mercadona, as as far as we know it has been launched across the chain.

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