Ladies Paradise offers for Monday, October 23: Ezio and Gloria return to Milan!

Ladies Paradise offers for Monday, October 23: Ezio and Gloria return to Milan!

In the next exciting episode Ladies’ paradise Scheduled for 23 October 2023, at 4.00pm on Rai1Shocking news that shakes the sky. Ezio and Gloria They return to Milan, shaking the foundations of the entire conspiracy. An unexpected event promises to upset the lives of our beloved characters. As the Venus family prepares to welcome them joyfully, Columbus finds themselves faced with a problem Urgent problem Which forces them to make a quick trip to Italy. The tension is sky high, and with Barbieri intervening to further escalate, surprises will not be long in coming.

Colombo under pressure! Vittorio’s shocking discovery and Matteo’s hiring

In a gripping plot Ladies’ paradise, Victor And Roberto Colombo They are forced to summon Ezio to Milan to deal with the crisis threatening the company. The situation is critical, but the duo must keep the real reasons for their return secret. The pressure mounts as they desperately try to hide the truth. in the meantime, Victor Signs the appointment of a new employee, MatteoBut he discovers a surprising relationship between him and… Marcellus. This new development would lead to more conflicts in Columbus’s life.

Ladies Paradise offers for Monday, October 23, 2023 (Instagram photo)

Mary and Paradise: An unexpected turning point!

the beautiful Maria Puglisian adventurous designer from heaven, works tirelessly to keep up with the competition. sky He needs new ideas and Maria is looking for help to meet this challenge. The unexpected solution that comes to my mind: her mother, ConcettaIt could be the key to revitalizing Paradise. But convincing Ms. Puglisi to join the team will be more difficult than expected. An intense internal conflict awaits Maria as she tries to involve her mother in this new adventure.

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Ladies’ Paradise Previews: Matteo is in danger and Matilda is betrayed!

In a turbulent world Ladies’ paradise, Matteo He remains in the lenders’ crosshairs, forced to fight relentless threats. The situation becomes increasingly tense as he tries to escape the clutches of the creditor. in the meantime, Matilda She was destroyed by his actions Tancredi, who made crucial decisions without her involvement. Her life and career are at stake, and Matilda must confront a betrayal that threatens to upend everything she believes in.

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