Vacuum and mop the floor, it’s very discounted on Amazon, you can save 300€

Vacuum and mop the floor, it’s very discounted on Amazon, you can save 300€

Take advantage of Black Friday to buy a one-of-a-kind supplement on Amazon. The dual-function robotic vacuum cleaner is a must-have!

Discover the best-selling device on Amazon at an extraordinary price (Canva)

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We’re in the middle of Black Friday and as always Amazon is number one with crazy low prices! Among the many promotional products for beauty and clothing, the place of honor goes to devices such as sMartTV And smart phones in addition to home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaner With dual function refrigerators and food processors.

It is necessary to dedicate yourself to home care when we have so little time to have the tools that not only speed up our tasks, but also ensure effectiveness. This is the case with Rowenta The number one home appliance including a dual-function robot in Shocking price!

Robotic vacuum cleaners, mops and vacuum cleaners in one go! Amazon has a bomb price for this great item

robot vacuum cleaner:
The vacuum cleaner that washes and cleans in one fell swoop for perfect, fast, child-proof cleaning! (Amazon screenshot)

Forget the classic bucket and vacuum cleaner, from now on you will have to use a robotic vacuum cleaner that sweeps and cleans Rowenta X Blue. Thanks to its mapping system, it is able to identify and avoid obstacles. Able to get into any corner, it can get rid of the most insidious dirt. Equipped with a dual function that vacuums and washes in one pass.

Equipped with great autonomy, it can work for 2 hours straight. It can be connected to iOS and Android systems, as well as being able to connect to both Alexa and Google Home. The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with filters to capture allergens and dust. Very easy to use, it covers an area of ​​up to 120 square meters at a cost of 239 euros for one 30% off the original price.

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