The new season of science in cinema begins

Translation of MANTOVA Science into animation. From Tuesday 9 November, the Coal Cinema will resume its activities in the fields of astrophysics, neuroscience, robotics, plant biology and other disciplines through LA SCIENZA AL CINEMA, the cycle of documentaries dedicated to current scientific topics.
Among the pandemic’s most obvious consequences has been perhaps the unprecedented outbreak of science in the public debate. Newspapers, televisions and – above all – the web and social networks have been invaded by articles, interviews and statements by various accredited experts and researchers. A series of information and theories that, on the one hand, reinforced the sense of disillusionment and doubt that explodes in movements like the La Fax movement, on the other, illustrated the need for accessible, effective, and sustaining scientific communication. Far from simple cuts or dogmatism.
This has always been the “mission” of LA SCIENZA AL CINEMA: to try to translate the results of the most daring and decisive scientific research into the universal language of cinema. After a year of hiatus, the exhibition returns to the room to engage with plant and artificial intelligence, the mysteries of the universe and the mind, and reflect on the history and function of natural groups.
First Review Date Tuesday, November 9th: Curiosity and Control by Albin Bibilom guides us inside the great natural history museums and zoos in Western capitals. Historians, architects, museum experts, and zoo directors help us reflect on the complex relationship between men and nature that these extraordinary spaces express, including wonder, curiosity, control, and the desire for protection. The film will be presented by Silvia Cicci, who is responsible for the natural collections at the Civic Museums in Reggio Emilia.
The review continues by investigating the complex working mechanisms of our brain and the scenarios that open up thanks to research in artificial intelligence. … When you think away (Tuesday, November 16) you wonder what consciousness is and what it has to do with our physical nature – Carlo Minossi, Director of the Center for Mind / Brain Sciences at the University of Trento based in Rovereto – offers, while immortality (Tuesday 23 November) portends a life Yet a potential biological one, with bodyless intelligence growing stronger and more capable (presented by Federico Cabitza, associate professor of human-machine interaction at the University of Milan Bicocca).
LE GÉNIE DES ARBRES (Tuesday, November 30), Emmanuel Nopicourt’s film illustrating the latest surprising discoveries about communication networks and cooperation between plant species, speaks to us of another intelligence – relational, hypersensitive and indisputably “green”. The review closes light years away from us: Black Holes – The Edge of All We Know (Tuesday, December 7) is dedicated to the most amazing and mysterious things found in space, and perhaps the best read for understanding how the universe works.
LA SCIENZA AL CINEMA is part of the activities of the MantovaScienza Festival 2021, whose program of meetings and workshops will take place from 12 to 21 November 2021.
All performances will take place at 9.15 pm. 5 films subscription: 15 euros. Single show ticket: €7 full, discounted for members of Carbon Cinema €5.
Movies are also available for school morning screenings. Ticket cost for students: 4 euros (free for accompanying teachers). Classes interested in screenings should contact the Coal Cinema to arrange an appointment.
Information: 0376.369860, [email protected],

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