Paid WhatsApp has arrived

Paid WhatsApp has arrived

It was the end of May when Mark Zuckerberg Himself, during a Meta Talks event, he announced the arrival of WhatsApp Premium. And then silence: all traces of the paid version of WhatsApp, with exclusive functions, as well as many news that have been announced and that have yet to arrive (one above all: are lost: social communication). Now, however, something is moving and starting to see the first sketch of what the final WhatsApp Premium will be.

WhatsApp Premium: Who can use it

We remind you that WhatsApp Premium is a paid version of WhatsApp Business, not the traditional WhatsApp for private users. According to the popular WABetaInfo website, the first hints “excellentAppeared in some beta applicationfor both Android and iOS.

In this apps all checked under WhatsApp Business options new sectionexcellent“As it always happens, these beta versions are very useful to get a more accurate and detailed idea of ​​what we can expect in the future.

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There will be two WhatsApp Premium News: Ability to create custom links and “BrandedAnd a maximum of 10 devices for multi-device WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Premium: News coming soon

I “custom linkThe links will be customized comp They will be able to engage with clients who, in turn, will just have to click or tap on the link to start chatting with the company.

All these links will have coordination name And the “The Company’s name“It will be the customizable part. It will be possible to change the links every 90 days, not sooner, as long as the link is available and has not already been taken by someone else.

We will see how WhatsApp will controlThe validity of these linkswhich may turn into one phishing tool Incredibly effective for those who use WhatsApp to do tricks.

The second novelty, however, is Multi-device to 10 devices. Those who subscribe to WhatsApp Premium will be able to connect with the same business profile even 10 different devices. There are many more and this functionality will allow more company employees to communicate on behalf of and on behalf of the company. However, the customer will not be able to tell which employee is chatting: he will only see the name of the company.

WhatsApp Premium: How much does it cost and when does it arrive

However, the two questions that no one can answer are the ones about the subscription price WhatsApp Premium And when we really see it in the official and stable applications, the ones that all users can use”NormalFrom WhatsApp Business.

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As for the times Distribution, however, it is clear that now We ran out: As the experimental applications show, all the technical part is now set up, only the commercial launch is missing.

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