How to see which apps and sites access your personal Google data

How to see which apps and sites access your personal Google data

Apps and websites can easily access a Google user’s personal data. Here’s how to find out what they are and how to block them.

Apps and websites, even the most popular and therefore least disturbing, can do this Access to personal data Share it with your smartphone and endanger Google user privacy. This is because smartphone owners usually accept the terms of use and press “OK” or “Skip” on each new app installation or site registration. Developers take users for boringBut it is possible Find out which apps and sites have access to your personal data from Google and ban them.

Websites and applications obtain personal data from Google (

There are apps and websites that necessarily need to be aware of personal data or need to be able to access photographic, geolocation, or biometric data to unlock using facial recognition to work. the difference between Authorized apps and websites And unauthorized lies specifically in outreach, i.e. givingOK Developers and users before giving third parties access to personal Google data.

Apps and sites that have access to personal data: how to find out what they are and how to block them

Apps and websites can access personal data Thanks Google. In some cases, this step is necessary to make the app work or to access the site, but just in case they get information without the user’s consent You can prevent this process. by yourself Privacy During the daily use of a smartphone, it can be protected with a simple step. But first you need to understand Websites and apps that access your personal data. To do this, just (on Android) go to Settings and select the Google option in the list.

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Apps and websites collect personal data
How to detect and prevent apps and websites from taking personal data (

This step will open another drop down menu. Simply reach and tap Settings related to Google apps to access the menu that allows you to view connected apps. By clicking on “Connected applications”, the List of all applications that collect personal data Entered by the user on Google.

Precisely from this screen it will be possible to see which sites and applications have access to your personal data without giving consent. After selecting the app or site you want to block data access to, simply tap on its name and remove access to your personal information.

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