Using this Telegram trick, you can hide your number and can chat anonymously

Using this Telegram trick, you can hide your number and can chat anonymously

Thanks to this trick, it will be possible to hide your number on Telegram and chat in complete confidentiality: it can be really useful for you.

The second most used messaging app in the world is Telegram. Although the gap between WhatsApp is also increasing due to the number of active users, there are many who prefer Pavel Durov's application, which is able to guarantee maximum privacy.

Thanks to this trick you will be able to chat and call secretly –

Hiding your number on Telegram may be an essential practice for all those who want to enjoy the services offered by the application with maximum confidentiality. Since its inception, the messaging app has been known for its commitment to protecting user privacy. This property has remained for a long time It was allowed to compete with WhatsApp. As of now, Telegram has many advanced features that help make the app a popular choice among users all over the world. Among them we find a trick to chat with maximum anonymity.

Telegram, check out the hide number trick: This way you can chat while maintaining privacy

One of the main aspects of Maintaining confidentiality on Telegram is to use a username General instead of phone number. The username, which consists of “@” followed by a unique user ID, acts as a substitute for a phone number, simplifying and making interactions within the platform more secure. This allows users to search for you and contact you without having to know your phone number.

How to activate the new trick on Telegram –

To hide your phone number on Telegram, you have to follow some very simple steps. First you need to open the app and access Settings from its sidebar or menu. At this point, you have to go to “Phone Number” and click on it. Under the suggested options (“Everyone,” “My Contacts,” and “Nobody”), you'll need to select “Nobody” for maximum privacy. The change in question will be applied to all devices In which you use Telegram, ensuring greater protection of your identity.

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For those who want to enhance their privacy, it is also possible to hide information about your last appearance on Telegram. You will first need to go to Settings and then again to Privacy and Security. At this point, you will have to click on “Last seen and online” and finally Choose the “Nobody” option again to prevent others from seeing When you were last online. It will also be possible on Telegram to hide your phone number within specific groups.

This will be possible thanks to the “Exceptions” section in the phone number settings. In addition to these features, Telegram offers a wide range of tools to ensure user security and privacy. End-to-end encryption and secret conversations with self-destructing messages Ability to block screenshots and screen recordings It helps create a complete privacy and security ecosystem. Thanks to these functions, the application promises to compete with WhatsApp.

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