User quote: Does electricity really break down?

User quote: Does electricity really break down?
Electric car 500 from March 2021, with 10,000 km, for sale at 19,900 euros on Autoscout 24.

User quote: Niccolo is interested in buying an electric car for the city, but read on various forums that after a few years, electric cars are very low-end. Vaielettrico answers. We remind you that questions should be sent to [email protected]

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“FifthI’ve been reading for a while now, and I’m in the process of replacing the old one Toyota Yaris My wife (Great car, but from 2008…). On your site, I mainly browse the tangible experiences of those who already use the electric car, with Points of strength and weakness. I also read the following comments, with the inevitable division between pro and against. Among the arguments made by the latter there is a recurring assertion that struck me. This means that electricity after a few years will have a value essentially equal to zero, because ofBattery consumption. I think it’s an exaggeration, but I’m asking you if there is any objective data to get a correct idea about this issue. Thanks, keep it up. Nicolo Costa.

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No breakdown – that’s what they deserve after four years

to reply. The story of electricity is a recent one and it will take a few years to get a better idea. Suppose that when quoting a used electrical value, it is necessary to take into account two data, One is positive and the other is negative. The first: the electric ones break less, being simpler as a car blueprint and have much less Components subject to wear. The second: the decay of the battery must be taken into account, that is, the fact that the cells lose their capacity over time, which leads to a decrease in the autonomy of the car. What is the price? It depends from one model to another and also on our use of the car, starting with the shipping methods. four wheels It is a reference in the used vehicle quotation and has published an estimate of the residual value of electric vehicles after 4 years, As for the price of a new device. The result: it is equal to a little less than the gasoline versions, but there is no breakdown. there 500 e, for example , 42.8%against the 45% of a mild hybrid. difference in Peugeot 2008: Electricity is al 40.2%benzene al 50.2%. The usual stands out above all tesla, Neighbour to 50%.

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