The Public Prosecutor’s Office orders 1-O prosecutors to pardon all crimes and lift the arrest warrant for Puigdemont

Attorney General of the State, Alvaro Garcia OrtizThe Public Prosecution ordered this operation to be prosecuted supreme court They demand amnesty For all crimes stipulated in the law.

This includes crime embezzlement The four plaintiffs believe that it should remain Of pardonAnd also raise Preventive measuresof between it Arrest warrant for Carles Puigdemont.

Ordered by Garcia Ortiz decree It is known this Friday and it is the answer Alarm Of the four plaintiffs this Wednesday:

“A pardon must be announced for everything that was and is still the subject of these procedures, as well as the pending precautionary measures against any of the accused must be lifted.”

In a media note issued by Public Prosecutor’s Officeand the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court allegedly did just that False comparison In his legal arguments:

“In their report, these prosecutors confuse the “profit motive” required by the crime of embezzlement with “personal enrichment of an inherited nature,” among the facts that the Amnesty Law does not consider an amnesty.”

He also denies the existence of any“Direct impact on the financial interests of the European Union”As the four plaintiffs confirm.

They now have to answer in writing whether or not they are complying with the order, or whether they are “relying on section 27”, which could lead to a court case. Public Prosecution Council of the Chamber next Tuesday

Prosecutors can recuse themselves from the case

The amnesty application has previously faced Garcia Ortiz and the four plaintiffs who participated in the trial of the operation, and who oppose the amnesty for the embezzlement case.

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Javier Zaragoza, Consuelo Madrigal, Fidel Cadena and Jaime Moreno They argued with him in two reports: the first on May 30, and the last on this very Wednesday. In both they defended that the 1-0 scoreline was there Personal enrichment And they acted against the financial interests of European Union.

For this reason, they want to exclude embezzlement from amnesty crimes, which would rule out cases of embezzlement Carles Puigdemont, Tony Comin, Luis Puig, He was tried for embezzlement and sedition; As well as the four people convicted of this crime: Oriol Junqueras, Raul Romeva, Jordi Turol and Dolores Basa.

In the second report prepared by the prosecution at the request of the Public Prosecutor because he believed that the first “Massa in general“, They also warned García Ortiz that if his thesis and defense of the application of amnesty in all cases were not approved, he must “order it in writing and in a motivated and justified manner” and summon the Council of Public Prosecutors. Sala.

next to, They opened the door to walking away from the issue. In fact, the final say on the application of the amnesty rests with the State Attorney General. For this reason, prosecutors asserted that if, after this Council, García Ortiz intends to pardon the embezzlement, he must take up the case himself. Or appoint another public prosecutor To do so, as dictated by Article 25 of the Statute. In other words, they will separate.

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