January 31, 2023

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USA, they shot at Dulles Airport. A 37-year-old woman opened fire. She was angry at her husband’s separation

a Women 37, shot in the air near the airport ticket office love field From Dallas cause panic among travelers. To stop it, the explosion was in turn Police officer. The woman was admitted to Pparkland Hospital and her condition is unknown. There will be no more wounded. CBS reported, citing some sources. According to the first reconstructions, the woman allegedly committed the crime because she was angry at the separation of her husband.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the US aviation authority, immediately banned incoming flights.

Dallas Police Chief, Eddie Garcia, She explained to reporters that the woman entered the bathroom, walked out wearing a hoodie or other clothing that she had not been wearing when she arrived, and pulled pistol They fired several shots, apparently towards the ceiling. Garcia added that a nearby officer shot the woman in the “lower limbs,” wounding her and allowing her to be arrested. She was then taken to a local hospital for treatment. The police chief did not reveal the woman’s name. According to the testimonies collected, the woman was dressed completely in black and fired between 8 and 12 bullets.

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