The US accusation against Russia was: “Moscow is using filter fields to deport Ukrainians.” United Nations: “Discomfortable”

The US accusation against Russia was: “Moscow is using filter fields to deport Ukrainians.”  United Nations: “Discomfortable”

Thousands of Ukrainians They are deported By force from Ukraine. It’s the heavy accusation he made United State for Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Our intelligence reports tell us that Moscow is using filter fields in eastern Ukraine and western Russia to forcibly transfer Ukrainians into the country,” a White House spokesman said. Karen Jean-Pierre, in a press briefing. Jean-Pierre added that the United States, along with its ambassador to the United Nations, would request an “immediate” halt and “humanitarian access” to camps used by Russia in Ukraine and its territory.

An accusation that prompts the immediate suspension of the UN chief of political affairs, Rosemary DiCarloto the Security Council. persistent allegations of forced displacement, banish and the so-called “filter fields” operated by Russia and its local forces very annoying. These reports must be examined in cooperation with the competent authorities.” Ilze Brands KehrisThe UN Deputy Secretary-General for Human Rights said, “Our office has documented a large number of displacements of Ukrainian civilians in Russia, including dozens of cases in which members of the Russian Armed Forces and affiliated armed groups ordered civilians in Mariupol to leave their homes or shelters and transfer them to the territory. Ukrainian under their control, or to Russia.” “There have been credible accusations of forcible transfer of unaccompanied children to the occupied territories, or to Russia – he added – we are concerned that the Moscow authorities have adopted a simplified procedure for granting citizenship to children without parental care, and that these have the right to be adopted by Russian families. “.
In addition, he stressed that his office “verified that the armed forces of Moscow and armed groups affiliated with them have subjected civilians to the so-called”Purification, a system of security controls and the collection of personal data. We are concerned that these checks and the arrests that may follow will take place outside any legal framework. And this practice emerged, according to reliable reports received from ohk “In many violations of human rights, including the right to liberty, personal safety and privacy, people have also been subjected to body searches.”

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