Feijóo points out that a good result on the 12M would open the door for Moncloa to the PP

Feijóo points out that a good result on the 12M would open the door for Moncloa to the PP

Under the premise that “Spain cannot be governed without Catalonia,” the region’s leader s, Alberto Nunez ViejoHe believes that the popular “expansion” in the May 12 elections is the first step to overthrowing the regime Pedro Sanchez. To achieve this, we express the rhetoric of projecting ourselves as a reliable option against the referendum, the constitutional option “without traps or cardboard” that does not make concessions to the pro-independence parties, and with the tough rhetoric of Alejandro Fernández whom Genova closely identified to deliver the quarrel with him. sun. The fear shaking the People's Party is clear: if the Socialists have granted amnesty, who can guarantee that they will not do the same with the vote on independence? “We are the alternative to our joint venture together, ERC Figo announced, placing the party of Salvador Illa in the same portfolio as the party of Carles Puigdemont and Pere Aragonés.

That the PP is putting all the meat on the grill in this election is demonstrated by the fact that this is the second time in a week that Figo has visited Barcelona to push his candidates. The popular opinion is fueled by expectations that the Catalan elections may be the beginning of the end for Sánchez. Realizing that there is a section of the Peace and Security Council’s voters who do not agree to grant the amnesty, which he described as “the biggest coup in 45 years,” he indicated that there is “official” independence for the Revolutionary and Reconciliation Council. And Junts and another “conflict” with this. “himself vote “The independents are more than the PSC or the House of Commons: they are all Sánchez’s partners,” Itzibar said.

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His speech was intended from beginning to end to disparage the vote for the Socialists, not only mocking the fact that Sánchez is “nothing” without the pro-independence parties – a reference to his dependence on them in Congress – but also the more massive Socialist Party. PSOE “Nothing” because after the last regional elections only “the few” govern in Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha and Navarre “with Beldo”. “The PSC will not be the one that will save Catalonia from decline, and Catalonia does not need the PSC or save the country. A vote for the PSOE is no longer a thing,” he insisted.

However, Figo has also realized that the small representation that the PP currently enjoys in Catalonia is precisely its major Achilles tendon when it comes to achieving its goal of ruling Spain, which is why he has promised to roll up his sleeves to reclaim this territory. He stressed that having only three deputies would be very popular in 2021. “Every governor knows that without Catalonia you cannot govern Spain,” he stressed. “My commitment is a priority because with a good result in Catalonia we will achieve governance for all Spaniards.” He even appealed the victory he had won Citizens In 2017 – from which he aspires to win back voters at the expense of his defeat – when he confirmed that constitutionalism had indeed managed to prevail.

Lower taxes

Far from boasting of being the leading anti-independence party, the PP is also trying to gain votes by flaunting a right-wing personality in governance matters. That's why Figo announced in the wind that if the Spanish legislature expires this year and he wins the general election, he will cut income tax retroactively from January 1st. It is not in vain that he launched this message linked to ending the “financial suffocation” of workers and companies in Catalonia on the same day that the tax declaration campaign began.

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Fernández has also entered the administration's agenda by raising concerns about whether or not water will come out of the tap due to drought or brandishing Catalonia as a “squatter's paradise” as well as a “financial hell.” After renewed confidence in him by the state's popular leadership – due to the urgency of evaluation and not conviction -, the candidate asked “not to be afraid” to stand in the face of independence and to present these elections as an opportunity to end the “march.” And Sanchezmo in one fell swoop.

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An atmosphere of euphoria prevails among the popular people in Catalonia, knowing that their expectations, according to opinion polls, are to triple their current three representatives in Parliament. The Catalunya Plaza hotel room where the PP event was held was small when it came to closing ranks and showing unity after the internal conflict witnessed in the selection of the electoral candidate.

The Popular Committee confirmed that the second place on the list will be occupied by the mayor of Castelldefels, Manu Reyes, and that the third place will go to Barcelona Councilor Ángeles Esteler. A group of veteran leaders were trusted by Figo, while Fernandez's strongest supporters were displaced. For Tarragona, Lleida and Girona, the leaders will be Pere Huguet, Montse Berenguer and Jaume Viray.

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