USA: Tesla was involved in 273 accidents in 10 months

USA: Tesla was involved in 273 accidents in 10 months

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this has happened roughly within 10 months 400 road accidents in United State which included advanced driver assistance technologies. Out of 392 incidents, 273 – equal to 70% – indicated Tesla running on autopilot.

The data is part of a broader agency effort to determine the safety of driving systems as they become more common.

So far Tesla is finished 800 thousand Road vehicles equipped with automated driving systems. In recent years, dozens of car manufacturers have released automated components, including some that allow you to take your hands off the wheel under certain conditions and help you park.

“These technologies hold great promise for improving safety, but we need to understand how vehicles behave in the real world,” explained Stephen Cliff, agency director.

This is the agency’s first publication of large-scale data on these systems.

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