[VÍDEO] Illa renamed Lleida in Spanish as “Lérida” at a rally

[VÍDEO] Illa renamed Lleida in Spanish as “Lérida” at a rally

A new linguistic debate Salvador Ella. Leader sun He returned to using Spanish geographical names.”Lida“Referring to Lérida. He did it in one of the socialist campaigns for the European elections in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Illa gave his speech in Spanish, and moments after saying “Lérida,” he corrected himself.

Ella was already at the center of another linguistic controversy in the Catalan election campaign, when in the electoral work of the Socialists in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) Castilian toponyms were also used to refer to the capital of Sigría.

In his speech, Ila called for mobilizing ballot boxes to fill them with socialist votes and strengthening Europe in the face of the danger of the extreme right and the right, which is increased by hate speech. “There is no vote that is more harmful to the far right and the right than voting for the socialists. We are the only ones who can stop them by beating them,” said Ila, who asked that the vote be focused on the Socialist Workers Party.

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