USA, McCarthy gives Fox News the January 6 footage and infuriates Democracy

USA, McCarthy gives Fox News the January 6 footage and infuriates Democracy

There is controversy, in the United States, over the Speaker’s decision Kevin McCarthy To provide tens of thousands of hours of security camera recordings related toAssault on Capitol Hill On January 6, 2021 by supporters of Donald Trump A.J Tucker Carlsonknown Anchorman to Fox News.

the most conservative members of Congress, NB the The New York Times , For weeks they pushed McCarthy to release the materials after promises made by the Republican himself before he was elected Speaker of the House. “I promisedMcCarthy asserted in a brief phone interview in which he defended his decision to give Carlson exclusive access to more 40,000 hours of footage safety. “The press asked me about those recordings and I said they belonged to the American public“.

Democrats attack the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Democrats objected to McCarthy’s decision, arguing that it was a political move that endangered the safety of the Capitol. According to Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, the Speaker of the House is “Needlessly exposing the Capitol building to one of the worst events Security risks Since September 11th“.”By choosing Tucker Carlson, President McCarthy revealed that this fun It is simply about pandering to deniers of the MAGA campaign, not the truthSchumer charged.

Tucker Carlson is not loyal to the truth or the facts and he used his platform to promote lies, distort reality and embrace false conspiracy theories on January 6Some Republicans also turned up their noses, calling her decision to turn over the recordings to Carlson a risk. However, others appreciated her decision. Like Trumpian Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, who described the treatment of the January 6 prisoners. KatrocitiesDemanding the publication of the security footage, which, according to him, can exonerate them.

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The debate about the confidentiality of the article

There is no legitimate reason for this footage to survive SecretTucker Carlson commented.It is impossible for me to understand why an honest person would be bothered by thisMcCarthy handed footage to the reporter and the announcer’s staff, including access to cameras from various angles during the hours of the riot.

Previously, he had stated this The audience deserves To find out what really happened during the storming of Capitol Hill instead of relying on the committee’s Jan. 6 report, which focused primarily on former President Donald Trump’s guilt. Kevin McCarthy, with Trump’s backing, was elected Speaker of the House on January 7 at the 15th attempt, after a tug-of-war with some conservative lawmakers.

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