September 30, 2022

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USA imposes new sanctions on Iran after a cyber attack on Albania – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, September 09 – As announced in recent days, the United States has announced new sanctions against Iran in response to the cyberattack on Albania. The measures affect the minister and the intelligence ministry in Tehran.

“The Iranian cyber attack violates the rules of conduct of a responsible nation in peacetime, which expects not to harm critical infrastructure that provides services to the public,” said US Treasury Undersecretary Brian Nelson. The sanctions hit the Ministry of Intelligence and its Minister, Ismail Khatib, accused, according to the ministry’s website, of “leading networks of cybercriminals involved in cyber espionage and attacks in support of Iran’s political goals. Moreover, in the attack on Albanian government websites, hackers of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence revealed documents Allegedly coming from the Albanian government and personal information linked to Albanian citizens.”

Under these actions, the US Treasury clarifies, all property and interests of the Department and the Secretary under US jurisdiction are blocked. Furthermore, all US citizens are prohibited from having any kind of transaction with those affected by the sanctions. (Dealing).

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