Bye Elizabeth 96 shots her cannon. Charles to the Kingdom: ‘I will serve you all my life as a mother’ – Europe

Bye Elizabeth 96 shots her cannon.  Charles to the Kingdom: ‘I will serve you all my life as a mother’ – Europe

The queen died, the king lived. London prepares for the final embrace of the relics of Elizabeth II, the queen of life for many, while welcoming eternal heir Charles with an even unexpected warmth: the eldest son who reached the crown at the age of 74 and was accompanied by the cheers of thousands upon thousands of people today upon his first entry into Buckingham Palace as Sovereign. Together with Camila, now known as “Her Majesty the Queen“It makes us forget the stigma of being a ‘rival’ to the late Diana. A mature king and queen, now responsible for taking on the difficult responsibility of succession.

King Charles: William, heir, Duke of Cornwall

In a country where 96-year-old Elizabeth remains an orphan, who died Thursday at the Scottish Balmoral residence after seven decades of rule stamped them with admiration by many, on the island and in the world. Nor did Carlo himself fail to acknowledge in his first letter to the nation: The king’s first speech. “I address you with a deep sense of sorrow and pain,” he said in a calm tone to millions of onlookers, not addressing the word “thank you” to his “beloved mother.” To then refer to the ‘example’ of ‘service’ and ‘dedication’ to the monarchy and its subjects as a source of ‘inspiration’. The inspiration that translates to now In Commitment to “Service” The kingdom in turn is “for life”: “with devotion, respect and love,” rooted like a mother in the faith of the Anglican Church, but regardless of the creed or beliefs of each of her subjects.

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The solemn funeral 10 days later the farewell stages

Words that refer to dawn transitional kingdomin expectations, however Charles III aspires to give the full meaning: summon first and foremost as a support on his side “Dear wife of Camilla”; Then the eldest son and successor William, publicly appointed Amir Galis Entry of his wife “Catherine, the new Princess of Wales”; He also addressed public words of “affection” toward rebellious second son Harry, and his wife Meghan, as frank as if they were denying some tabloid rumors about their alleged exclusion from that personal will of Elizabeth that is set to be kept secret for 90 years. All this against the background of an ecumenical discourse in which the only reference is made She was the unforgettable mother of his children, Mrs. D.

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This morning there will be room for the solemn announcement at St James’s Palace of his accession to the throne, a sort of documentation that in the coming months, after a period of mourning, will be followed by the coronation. While he was on the mast of the royal residence, the sign was raised to indicate the presence of “His Majesty King Charles” and “Her Majesty Queen Camilla” consort, As stated on the court’s website. Their arrival from Balmoral, illuminated by glimpses of sunshine after a torrential downpour on a very sad Thursday afternoon, revived the mood of the tens of thousands of fans and spectators present: Elizabeth’s farewell tears mixed with smileschants, prayers for the cry of “God save the King” and even some kisses for Carlo; Who in turn happily stopped with the many people huddled in front of the parapets, before reviewing with Camilla the mountain of flower bouquets and cards left in honor of his mother’s memory. In the meantime, a memory vigorously emphasized by various explosions and tributes throughout London, as in other cities of the kingdom, in the countries of the former empire and almost everywhere on the planet.

Liz Truss with Queen Elizabeth

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It is celebrated in the House of Commons dressed in mourning, as well as at the first public liturgy held at St Paul’s Cathedral by leaders of the Anglican Church, attended by 2,000 guests: including the House of Authorities, notables including the Labor Party Mayor of the capital, Sadiq Khan, and in the Row Front, the new British Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss, the 15th and last head of government appointed by the Mother of the House of Windsor.

Truss who was greeted at Buckingham Palace a few hours ago by Charles, at his first meeting as Sovereign on the sidelines of a day, who also saw the new king in conversation with the Duke of Norfolk: master of the funeral ceremonies, with whom he laid out the last details of Elizabeth’s long farewell. A farewell began in the morning with the bells of death ringing in the heart of London and the echo of the 96 cannons fired by honorable military units, one for each of the years that Her Majesty the Queen lived. set to last another ten days of national mourning, with the coffin on display first in Edinburgh, for 24 hours; then at the Palace of Westminster for 5 days; And finally culminated in The official funeral is scheduled for Monday, September 19: When many powerful people are expected to bow down on the ground in London, including Joe Biden, the president of the American superpower.

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