“Spain, where it is courageous to say that independence was not terrorism.”

“Spain, where it is courageous to say that independence was not terrorism.”

Friday is the balance day of the week, and this was one of the days that left an imprint due to the failure to pass the amnesty law, which is what everyone expected would happen, but in the end it did not happen because the Gonts voted for the opposite.

He voted against it despite negotiating with the Socialist Workers' Party and concluding days before the vote that the law was good. But the judges' last-minute tactical maneuvers left everyone with a piece of evidence: No matter what the law said, the pardon was not bulletproof because the judges would find loopholes. While the SWP remained resolute in establishing constitutional law and proof of European prejudices, Gontz adopted the slogan “or all or nothing,” especially now that Puigdemont was under attack for two judicial inventions that could leave him outside the amnesty: terrorism and politics. High treason. They voted no: the knocking on the door of the Spanish government is still resounding.

Realizing that it may be many years before there is another such opportunity, Gontz immediately came out to say that he wanted to continue negotiating. And Sanchez is the president? First, he was severely criticized in Congress, but yesterday he not only greased the hinges, he also sent a message to Juntes, to Spain and to Europe: “The independence of Catalonia is not terrorism, it is not. Therefore, with this bill – and this is what the courts will conclude – it will be granted “Amnesty to all supporters of Catalan independence, because they are not terrorists.”

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What does he say (it is not terrorism), who says it (the president who wanted to arrest Puigdemont in Spain), how does he say it (in a tone between conciliatory and educational) and even where he says it (in Brussels).

It is a message to Juntes (let's see how we do in two weeks) and to the ruling Manuel García Castellón and the Spanish right, which always wants to cover up its problems, whether corruption, the dirty war or the election results, with Catalonia.

Because there is one last, no less important case this week: that Esquerra's deputy Ruben Wagensberg announced that he went to Switzerland because he is already in prison. Sánchez came to the conclusion that if this dynamic of judicial retaliation continued, he would face many problems in governing and Spain would remain an unviable and unviable project. That is why he came out to say what is common sense for reasonable people, and what is logic for Spain com. fachosferaas he calls it, a curse.

Good morning.

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