Exclusive DMW – Bachelor, from Bologna Special to American Dream: “I have been training in the US for 16 years”


Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the few former footballers to change their lives while remaining in the world of football. Today the 51-year-old, former midfielder for Inter, Atlanta, Bologna, Rome and Naples – to name the most famous teams – lives and works in the United States. For microphones Tutomercadoveb He tells us his story:

Cristiano Scapolo, what are you doing in the United States?
“My wife is American. After finishing my football career in 2004, I started working in the Milan youth division. I did not invest, I just went the other way. “

What to do now?
“After living in California for 15 years, I’ve been working for Cincinnati, the MLS club since September. I was the first team’s assistant coach in the finals of the 2021 season. , Better capable: new ground, new game center, new opportunities.The problem is, for now the results are low and the fans expect better.The pressure we can not compare with Italy: here we are very quiet.

MLS has recently risen to the headlines for Lorenzo Inc.’s Baronic Engagement.
“With a purchase like this, the movement certainly pays off. MLS’s trend has changed: before you brought Beckham to the end of his career, you have now changed. And Insine is a player at the height of his career. He is looking for. See if you can “.

However, Ibrahimovic does not contain euphemisms for MLS in his book
“Let’s make a difference. The league was born 20 years ago, it can not be compared with more than a hundred years of football movements. I have also worked on the youth national team for the last 6 years, the most interesting players have emerged: look at McKennie, Pulisic, Dest, Reyna. The system is improving, the players are, Then there is the quality given by ethnic composition: Latin, African American “.

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What’s missing in MLS?
“The coaches are good. The people in Europe are very ready. They do not see the details here as they do in Europe.”

Your application contains the experience of Jurgen Klismann’s staff in the USA exam
“We shared our experience of Inter as players. We met many years later. I was his scout. I was involved in youth national teams and I was able to see players who performed as well as Giovanni Raina.”

A name to bet on?
“Chicago goalkeeper Gabriel Slonina tells me I can play in Europe. But in general there are many interesting elements.”

When you go back to your football career, what are your best memories?
“The best years were in Bologna, but Ravenna and Atlanta. Despite being an Inter fan, I was lucky to play there. I also had a good time in Naples. Rome was the only place I could not play. Because of the hips.”

The Most Important Technician?
“Perhaps Guidolin was the one who started my career. One of the most important people. I worked well with Ulivieri in Bologna and Naples.”

From whom did the undergraduate coach get his inspiration?
“From everyone, let’s not forget that football has changed, it’s always evolving. What you can do is steal from the coaches you have above all in player management and communication.”

We can now legally treat you as an American. Isn’t Italy nostalgic?
“Italy has always been Italy, the most beautiful country in the world. Sometimes I miss the little things: eating, having fun”.

Speaking of eating, McKenney’s eating habits jumped out. He admitted to missing the burgers. How did you experience the nutritional aspect of the American sport?
“Foods are changing here too, our habits are being followed more and more. But what McKennie said is true. In the beginning there were all sorts of things. Now there are so many specialists around the world, they all work. There is a dietitian on the professional team. We are moving towards a certain regular line.”

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What are your goals for the future?
“After 15 years of training for young people, I will be ready to come second in the MLS. That is my desire for the next 5 years. If the opportunity arises, I will be ready.”

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