US Department of Energy report (but the White House backs down) –

US Department of Energy report (but the White House backs down) –

The Wall Street Journal reviewed the research. Even the FBI has always supported the Wuhan, China accident thesis. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan: ‘We don’t have a definitive answer’

The US Department of Energy report concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely I was born from a lab escape. reports Wall Street Journal
Exclusively after reading the research. The department previously said it was not sure how the virus evolved. Even the FBI has always confirmed this It was covid as a result of an accident In the laboratory in Wuhan, China.

But not all different intelligence departments hold this view. Four other agencies still believe the epidemic likely originated from natural transmission while two are undecided. And the White House said – through the mouth of National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan – that at the moment “we don’t have a definitive answer” about the origin of the virus: “What I can tell you is that President Biden has repeatedly ordered every component of the intelligence community to reserve every effort and resource.” To get to the heart of the matter.”

The US Department of Energy had previously said it had no opinion on the origin of the coronavirus. This conclusion, on the other hand, is contained in Update to the 2021 report From the office of Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines.

According to US intelligence sources, he interrogated her Wall Street JournalAnd The position of the department has changed after the emergence of “new intelligence, research studies, and consultations with non-governmental experts.”

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The DOE’s conclusion is important because the agency has it Great scientific experience He supervises a network of laboratories, some of which conduct advanced biological research. It must also be said that the verdict has been made with a “low level of confidence”, according to the people who read the confidential report. While the FBI spoke in 2021 of a “moderate level of confidence”. The FBI employs a team of microbiologists, immunologists, and other scientists and is supported by the National Center for Forensic Analysis, established in Fort Detrick, Maryland, in 2004 to analyze anthrax and other potential biological threats.

US officials They declined to provide details of the new information And analyzes prompted the Ministry of Energy to change its position. They added that while the Department of Energy and the FBI say an accidental escape from the lab is highly likely, They come to these conclusions for various reasons.

However, everyone seems to agree on one thing: Covid-19 It was not the result of a Chinese biological weapons program.

US Department of Energy report Congress did not get it. But lawmakers, especially Republicans in the House and Senate, are pursuing investigations into the origins of the virus and They are putting pressure on the Biden administration, as well as the Intelligence Community, for more information. It is not known if an unrated version of the mission will be released.

David Relman, a Stanford University microbiologist who has served on several federal science advisory committees, appreciated the effort to discover the truth: “Congratulations to those who are willing to let go of their preconceived notions and An objective review of what we know Al said Wall Street Journal.

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