Xiaomi 13 Pro Camera Phone test with Leica optics (and shown)

From our correspondent
WEITZLAR – No, the word “Leica” that appears on the new Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro smartphones is not just a logo. assures us Marius Eschwiller, Vice President From that German brand that invented 35mm photography 150 years ago and today produces dream digital cameras (Like the M11, this is our test). Also thanks to such partnerships. For the new models just launched at Mobile World Congress 2023 (all news and insights in our own site), Leica and Xiaomi talk about Joint Engineering for joint planning. It’s no coincidence that Eschweiler is the head of the Mobile Business Unit, a new Leica unit dedicated specifically to the mobile world, about two dozen engineers and developers dealing with “knowledge sharing one way and the other, from smartphones to cameras and back.” , the director explains. These engineers worked with Xiami colleagues to bring it to life Imaging unit that was excellent on first contact. On board the 13 Pro, the true camera phone of the family) we find, in fact, a One inch sensor (therefore larger than the competitors’ average but not fully exploited) with three lenses (we’ll see them better later) developed with the German brand. precisely defined Vario-Summicron, like Leica lenses for compact digital cameras. And we must say that the difference can be seen, at least from the first fleeting contact.
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