Save €600 Just By Walking: This App Will Change Your Life (Here’s What You Have to Do)

Save €600 Just By Walking: This App Will Change Your Life (Here’s What You Have to Do)

Thanks to this revolutionary app we can save 600 euros just by walking. Here’s how it works.

It is now a well-established fact that walking is good for your health. We are talking about an activity that is practically within everyone’s reach.Regardless of age, which can be practiced without certain contraindications (except for the presence of specific diseases). The benefits of walking for our psychophysical state are numerous.

The application allows you to save thanks to a simple exercise such as walking –

Walking will help us burn calories and improve posture and balance.It will have positive effects on blood circulation, heart health, muscles and bones. Not to mention the effects on mood: simple natural movement like walking can reduce anxiety and stress and stimulate the production of endorphins.

Finally, it is often said that walking costs little or nothing.aside from minimal expenses for good shoes and comfortable clothes. What if we told you that instead? There is an app that allows you to save 600 euros just by walking? Just like that: Here’s how this truly revolutionary app works.

Save €600 just by walking: you can do it thanks to this app

The basic idea is that walking is not only good for your mental and physical health, but also for your wallet. This is the inspiring concept behind WeWard, the app that pays for walking by turning our steps into virtual money Which can then be used to purchase products or services or make donations.

How the app works that saves you 600 euros if you walk
With the WeWard app, walking is not only good for the body and soul, but also for the pockets –

WeWard is a free downloadable app.It is available for Android and iOS. It counts the steps taken daily and then converts them into Wings, the app’s virtual currency.Payment is activated when certain thresholds are reached. For example, we can collect rewards when we exceed 3,000 daily steps, 5,000, 10,000 and so on.

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By passing each of these thresholds we will accumulate virtual money. To be paid into your current account or converted into shopping vouchers to be used in participating stores. Or, again, there is the possibility of using virtual currency to make donations. Let’s assume right away that it is not about accumulating huge sums: over time, interesting sums can be accumulated.

The app aims to achieve more health gains than just making money. Encouraging the use of our legs and natural strengths instead of using the car. By doing so, we will also be able to save on transportation parking. But what numbers are we talking about in the end?

If we assume Walking about 5 kilometers a day we can calculateRe, based on ACI car cost tables, To save about 600 euros per yearIn fact, we know that a medium-sized car costs around 0.4-0.5 euros per kilometer. By driving 25 kilometers per week (5 kilometers on foot from Monday to Friday) per month, we will reach 100 kilometers. By multiplying 0.5 euros by 100 kilometers, we will save 50 euros per month, which is equivalent to around 600 euros per year.

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