Putin, we will not provide energy to those who set price ceilings – the world

Putin, we will not provide energy to those who set price ceilings – the world

“I will say one thing: Russia will not act against common sense, paying out of pocket for the welfare of others. We will not provide energy to those countries that impose a ceiling on energy prices. Fifth.Before those who prefer dirty tricks and shameful blackmail, and for decades we have been living in a model of this kind, in the political sphere, we will not act at our expense.” Russian President Vladimir Putin repeated this, speaking at the Russian Energy Week forum, TASS reported.

Putin: We are ready to increase gas supplies to the European Union, so they decided

The Russian president said measures such as capping the prices of Russian energy resources were a “rigged game”.

Beneficiaries of Nord Stream Rest It’s clear: the United States and countries with alternative supply routes, Putin said. The terrorist act against Nord Stream gas pipelines was aimed at undermining the energy security of the entire continent. He added that behind the sabotage there are those who want to completely sever relations between Russia and the European Union and thus weaken Europe.

There are no guarantees that Europe will survive this winter With the current reserves in underground gas storage facilities, Gazprom CEO Alexei Borisovich Miller said, as reported by TASS, “Gas supplies via Nord Stream 2 can start immediately” if the licenses are obtained.

We are asking the Commission to take a common approach on a number of measures to address rising gas prices. We have had open and constructive discussions in recent weeks to address the issue of rising gas prices. We started with different ideas and documents. We met in a spirit of compromise and a shared conviction that we need common ground to pave the way for a strong common European response to the crisis. “This is what we read in a document signed by all EU countries and addressed to the EU Commission, which emerged from the informal Energy Affairs Council in Prague.

Today’s “meeting” of energy ministers “helped bridge the gap between member states as we move towards a common solution” to lower prices. This was stated by Czech Energy Minister Josef Sekila at the conclusion of the informal Energy Council meeting in Prague.

The European Commission will present its proposals “against expensive energy” next week. The Minister of Energy of the Czech Republic, Josef Sekila, who in turn holds the presidency of the European Union, said at the end of the informal Energy Council in Prague.

The application of a ceiling or passage to the price of “gas” in the wholesale market. This can be read in the joint document signed by the 27 European Energy Ministers who met in Prague and addressed to the Commission. “Opinions differ on this option” and on whether “such a measure is feasible and economically viable or whether it could lead to rationing, arbitrage or subsidies,” highlight the twenty-seven who request consideration of the option to change signals to Ttf in Relevant contracts through an EU legal and/or regulatory measure “with a note, as also in this case”, “opinions are mixed”.

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Regarding the price ceiling “we believe that negotiating the price with suppliers” is a “better” option but if this is not possible, the commission establishes a “mechanism to reduce it” in any case. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simsun, at a press conference in Prague after the informal summit of European energy ministers. Simpson confirmed that the committee will present the package on Tuesday, October 18.

Russia is no longer a reliable supplier. Even before the damage to the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, gas no longer flowed. “This was stated by a German government spokeswoman, Christian Hoffmann, dismissing Putin’s recent comments on the readiness to use Nord Stream 2 gas with the comment” Nice try “, a nice attempt. Then the spokeswoman stated that there is no ban on Russian gas, answering questions at a press conference in Berlin.

Common purchases of gas for storage, More coordinated energy diplomacy for gas with trusted partners, further reduction in demand, and a more representative, but on a voluntary basis, index to Ttf. “These are some of the proposals contained in a non-paper – an unofficial document – ​​Germany and the Netherlands advanced in the energy file.” The need for a set of measures, not the implementation of a measure” is the title of the document in which the two countries do not mention the price ceiling for LNG imports but assert that it “can be considered a ceiling for Russian gas via pipeline.”

“Everyone agrees that the prices today are crazy. There are many possible solutions. We must be careful because everything we do we must maintain solidarity and cooperation between countries. I think we agree on the diagnosis but the treatment is still a topic of discussion.” This was stated by Minister of Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani upon his arrival at the Council on Energy Affairs. “We worked late tonight. Nothing has been decided yet but today we expect progress, the way is long“, he added.

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