A two-day excursion program to discover the most beautiful places

A two-day excursion program to discover the most beautiful places

Want to unplug and enjoy an amazing fall trip? Here’s why organize a weekend getaway in London and its must-sees.

Why are you spending the weekend? London? Simply because there is no other answer than yes. After all this is it International city Par excellence, where the many cultures, personalities and dreams of the people who go there meet and intersect, completely different from each other but united by the magic and magic of this destination that is worth visiting at least once in your life. The English capital is a city rich in history, art, architectural beauty and energy.

Home to characters that have remained in history, unforgettable film sets that made us dream, as well as a city with thousands of souls to discover and conquer that will conquer you from the first moment of your visit to the sound of the famous slang “London Call” Weekend in London. In short, all you have to do is Organize a trip now In the English capital, I point out the most beautiful tourist attractions through which you can discover this city of eternal beauty.

Weekend in London along Tower Bridge

For example, start your wonderful weekend in London with its very famous place tower bridge, The most famous drawbridge in the world. Connection between the Tower of London and Southwark.

A special place where you can live a beautiful walking experience Glass walkway Located in 42 meters high Above the River Thames it connects the two most famous neo-Gothic towers in the world. To enjoy a completely exclusive perspective of the river and the city and to be filled with exclusive emotions and sensations that will accompany you throughout your weekend in London.

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The unmissable Buckingham Palace

Another beauty that should not be missed if you are organizing a weekend in London is the most famous palace in the whole country and one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. Buckingham Palacethe Popular accommodation of English royalty and an unmissable destination to mark on your itinerary. A palace of exceptional beauty, which is very important 775 rooms It is located within a 20-hectare park. One of London’s most evocative attractions and one that you can make even more remarkable if you find yourself outside the gates at 10.45am (though, pay attention to the days), observing the distinctive and traditional life. Changing of His Majesty’s Guard. A ritual that has been going on since 1660 and is worth watching at least once in your life

The Tower of London, an admirable UNESCO World Heritage Site

And here we are also ready to see one of the most beautiful attractions in London, one that cannot be missed London Tower Or also called the Tower of London, it is a massive fortress and one of the symbolic places of the city. UNESCO World Heritage Site In fact, it is a fortified complex consisting of 21 towers. A beautiful building built in 1066 by William the Conqueror and its original purpose was to protect the Normans from foreign invasions.

a Architectural beauty Unique and recognizable at first sight, it is located in central London and on the banks of the north bank of the River Thames. A majestic structure, it will leave you enchanted and you should not miss it for anything in the world during a weekend in London, to experience a truly unforgettable journey through time.

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Weekend in London to discover Notting Hill

A must-have destination to start your tour and weekend in London, as it is one of the most elegant and elegant districts of the English capital. Notting Hill. A part of the city that was not only the hero of one of the most romantic films of all time, but is also able to charm anyone who goes there, with its colours, its characteristic houses, its streets full of vintage-style clubs and the bohemian character of the city. Portobello road and air Surreal and wonderful Which distinguishes this famous neighborhood. To fill the wonderful and unique feelings.

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Piccadilly Circus, a destination not to be missed

Finally, there is a mandatory weekend stop in London Piccadilly Circusthe destination that It will allow you to discover the most authentic side of the English capital. The most famous intersection in the city, it is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by tube from every corner of London.

A focal point of the city, a meeting place for life and action in London at any time of the day or night, and the ideal center for accessing one of London’s most important tourist attractions. The most famous neighborhoods And the center of nightlife in the city of London Soho neighborhood. In short, a destination worth discovering and marking on your itinerary for an amazing weekend in London.

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