“Until June, Allegri will stay at Juventus. Conte is the name Elkann likes. In the transfer market…”

“Until June, Allegri will stay at Juventus. Conte is the name Elkann likes. In the transfer market…”

Ciro Venerato, a journalist for Rai, spoke on “1 Football Club”, a radio show hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcasting on Radio 1. Below is an excerpt compiled by the IlSognoNelCuore.com editorial staff.

Allegri’s future? “He will remain on the bench at Juventus until June due to the onerous contract he received. Then in the spring, after defining a careful organizational scheme, the company has now invested in corporate numbers, which will have to focus on the club’s financials and economic problems. Juventus will have to meet some Requests related to the budget, and the technical aspect is currently secondary and will be discussed in the spring.Why in this period?We need to understand Juventus’ position in the standings and the goal they are fighting for, in addition to looking at the balance of Allegri’s salaries so far.Conte is the name that Elkan likes, and he has Some problems that arose in the past have been resolved.However, talking about technical management is not a smart exercise. It is necessary to establish a styling department. Up to now, an enterprise turning point has occurred.” Juve market in January? Important deals, Juventus is a club that does not know if it will continue with the current technical entourage. I expect a market that is low-key and not fiery, as defined by some potential transfers.” Osimhen of the future? “Napoli are watching several attackers in the middle, at least eight not very young, who could eventually replace Victor. There are three roles noted by the club, that of Zielinski, Lozano and Osimhen. The Pole must decide whether to leave or reduce his demands. The Mexican has repeatedly expressed his desire to have a different experience. It’s a different matter for Victor, Napoli could go beyond the salary bar set by De Laurentiis to meet the demands of the Nigerians. If offers are above 100 million, the company will evaluate various options and conditions. Bruja Skamaca are two safe names among the eight forwards being watched by Napoli.” Samardzic strike? “He is an observant, moderately respected footballer with far-sighted prospects, but perhaps he is not yet ready to become an owner. If the price of Udinese is reasonable, there will be connections with the Friulians. If priced higher than Napoli would like. For spending, no conversations will be initiated. I don’t believe in buying in January for June, but a lot will also depend on the money, which can be collected from potential sales, thus inflating the portfolio. Then an auction for Samrdzic would be reasonable. Napoli will follow, but if he is appointed, it will only be done under certain circumstances. He still has to grow and exploit his margins to wear a heavy jersey like the blue one. If the Pozzo family were to confirm the valuation at more than 20 million, the club would not be interested in the player.” And Pafundi? He is a player that many clubs are willing to bet on and invest large sums of money in. The Napoli name is not much hot, it will be necessary to understand the intentions of the club. Samardzic is a concrete name, which is being evaluated by the club, but so far, his quality-age-price ratio does not convince Napoli. In the case of Pafundi, we talk about sensations, but not about market strategies. Napoli will make the January transfer market only for Demme, due to the limited playing time given to the player. From November to June he spends his life, so a lot will depend on any transfers, after observing many of positions. Proposals are one thing, other interests and negotiations.” Kim’s terms? “The situation must be monitored, but frankly I don’t think Napoli is worried. These are not very important positions, also because the Azzurri will take the field in January.” Will Kafara participate in the retreat in Turkey? “Absolutely yes.”

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