Ukraine, live – For Biden, “the conflict is not deadlocked”. But US officials criticize the military strategy in the media: “The concentration of forces is weak.”

Ukraine, live – For Biden, “the conflict is not deadlocked”.  But US officials criticize the military strategy in the media: “The concentration of forces is weak.”

US officials: “The counterattack was halted due to the misallocation of Ukrainian forces and weapons”

Ukraine counterattack meet difficulty To penetrate Russia’s defenses because they are there Too many forces in the wrong places. bring it back The New York Times Citing US officials, they reported that Ukrainian leaders divided forces and weapons in half between the east and south of the country. Only with a change in tactics can the timing of the counterattack change.

The White House: “No, the conflict is not deadlocked.”

the United States of America They do not believe that the war in Ukraine is stalled Procrastinationin the face of growing concerns about the slow territorial invasions of the counterattack to Kyiv. And the National Security Adviser said, “No, we don’t think so.” Jake Sullivan In response to a journalist’s question. Sullivan described the situation as “dynamic”, with Russian and Ukrainian forces on the defensive and on the offensive, depending on their position on the long front line.
“Russia is going to attack in some places, and they are already doing that,” he added. “But of course Ukraine is also attacking, and Ukraine is also gaining ground,” especially in the south. For Sullivan, the counterattack in Kiev is systematic or systematic He is capable of it adaptation to challenges. He continued that the Kiev generals should fight “V.I sustainable methodTo be able to put pressure on the Russian forces in the long term.

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China and South Africa: negotiations to resolve the Ukrainian crisis

China And South Africa They argue a dialogue And Negotiation to resolve the Ukrainian crisis (“the only viable option”) and will continue to “promote peace talks and conduct peace talks”. constructive role In the political solution to the issue.” This can be read in the statement issued after the talks Pretoria between the president Xi Jinping and peer Cyril Ramaphosa. “Moreover, China welcomed the recent African peace mission between Ukraine and Russia” in June, according to Chinese state media. The delegation presented a 10-point peace plan calling for an end to the conflict through negotiations and diplomatic means.

Putin: We will return to the wheat deal if the agreements are respected

there Russia Ready to come back to agree ongrain export from Ukrainian ports Black Sea If the conditions expected in favor of Moscow are also respected, and in particular if restrictions For Russian grain and fertilizer exports. The president said so Russian President Vladimir Putin In a word via video in Business forums at the opening of the summit BRICS countries in Johannesburg.

Kiev: “The only option to liberate Crimea is military”

Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksey Danilov mention it Kyiv It “has no other options” than the military option to liberate the peninsula Crimea that Russia Combined in 2014. No refund check He added that this means “preserving the state of war for future generations.” “there Crimea He explained that it is part of our lands and we have to liberate it and we will do so.

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Media: Erdogan will soon see Putin in Russia, not Türkiye

The announced meeting between the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and its Russian counterpart Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held in Russia not in TürkiyeAs the Turkish head of state himself stated instead when he spoke of a visit he made to the Turkish capital put it in scheduled in August. Written by Yeni Shafak, citing sources in the Presidency of the Republic Republic of Ankara. According to the pro-government Turkish newspaper, Erdogan’s visit to Russia will be “imminent”, while the central issue in the talks between the two presidents will be the re-launch of the wheat export agreement. from UkraineOf any He flies She pulled out in July for the deal to expire. Erdogan said yesterday that he could meet put it in, If you find time, during the month of September without specifying dates or places to meet.

Moscow: “Second Ukrainian ship destroyed in the Black Sea”

He flies It claims to have destroyed a second Ukrainian ship in the Black Sea.Snake IslandA Russian Air Force plane destroyed a military high-speed boat manufactured by the US Navy Willard Force with a landing party of the Armed Forces Ukraine“says the ministry defense Russian on his channel cable.

Zelensky meets Bulgarian Prime Minister Denkov in Sofia

“I thanked Bulgaria for its military and political support,” the Ukrainian president wrote in a tweet. Volodymyr ZelenskyWho continues: “Yesterday I had fruitful talks with Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov At the summit between Ukraine and the Balkans. We discussed more cooperation, securing the Black Sea, and securing alternative passages for grain. “Today I meet other colleagues from the Balkans,” Zelensky wrote again.

Moscow destroyed a Ukrainian reconnaissance ship in the Black Sea

Russia said it destroyed a Ukrainian military reconnaissance ship in the Black Sea, a place where Russian and Ukrainian attacks have multiplied since Moscow withdrew from the grain deal in July. “Last night,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a telegram, “the crew of A su 30 cm (fighter jet Mr. Dr) for naval aviation Black Sea Fleet In the area of ​​\u200b\u200bRussian gas production plants, a reconnaissance ship of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed.

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