The state renewed its commitment to Hard Rock thirty minutes before the budget agreement with PSC

The state renewed its commitment to Hard Rock thirty minutes before the budget agreement with PSC

On February 27, 2024, at 4 p.m., Prime Minister General Pere Aragones (ERC) and Opposition Leader Salvador Illa (PSC) signed the Budget Agreement in Palau. A title that was finally left on the wet paper because it did not have the support of any other parliamentary group, with the outcome already known for the election call on 12 May. But that same afternoon, another document was negotiated that has not yet emerged.

The Minister of Government, Xavier Bernadé, digitally signed at 15:31 an effort to register the Aragon Executive Agreement regarding the Hard Rock Casino, expected between Villa Seca and Salò. It was not referred to either during the appearance of government spokeswoman Patricia Blaga or in the summary of government agreements sent to the press every Tuesday. Of course, it was published secretly on the website of the Presidency of the Republic.

The agreement was not mentioned either during the appearance of government spokeswoman Patricia Blaga or in the summary of government agreements sent to the press every Tuesday.

The two-page document, “leaves without effect” a previous government agreement dated 15 December 2020, at the suggestion of then councilor Damia Calvet (Junts), which ordered the Catalan Soil Institute (Incasòl) to “take over from Criteria Caixa” for €120 million from The land allocated for the future entertainment and gaming complex was then given at the same price to the trading company BCN IR 3 SAU, the company that held the gaming license (obtained through an award procedure tainted by alleged irregularities) and promoter of the future macrocasino. However, in a second point of the document, Incasòl's mission was renewed to “formalize with the parties the corresponding private and public agreements in order to acquire and subsequently dispose of, in an actual unit and at the same price, by direct award, the land mentioned in point 1.” .

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In particular, the two points of the government agreement dated February 27, 2024 |Archive

In short, Councilor Esther Kabila (ERC) liquidated the agreement that had been initialed four years ago by then Councilor Damia Calvet and, at the same time, renewed the commitment agreed with the PSC to move forward with the project, despite the inaccuracy of the dates. . What are the expenses associated with buying and selling land? “Someone has read the documents carefully and sees that legally, with expired contracts and canceled clauses, they will screw themselves up and prolong the process even more. This way they can catch up and update everything from scratch,” says Anna Recassens, spokeswoman for the Aturem Hard Rock platform. .

“Someone had read the documents carefully and saw that from a legal standpoint, with expired contracts and canceled clauses, they would screw themselves up and prolong the processing period even further,” assessment from Aturem Hard Rock

Public sources he consulted direct They say the agreement is “very serious” and it was not presented to them during the two weeks following the ERC-PSC budget agreement, a period during which media attention focused on whether the Jessica Albiach formation would publicly support the accounts, with the Hard Rock factor at the center of the political debate.

“The Aragon government had the opportunity to terminate the Hard Rock project, and not only did it not do so, but we now also know that it ordered Incasòl to resume project procedures,” believes Laia Estrada, a CUP deputy. Go ahead.” And of course, by reading the document, he concludes that “what we have been saying for a long time is that the commitments between La Caixa, the Generalitats and Hard Rock have expired and were not valid.” David Seed, MP, agrees and points out They “openly admit that the 2020 commitment has expired and what they are doing is giving themselves free rein to renegotiate the sale of the land based on the new valuation of the fund.”

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The recent demonstration in Tarragona against macrocasino gathered 5,000 demonstrators, according to the organization | Eudald Brunet

Ana Recassens and Marta Penosa will appear at a press conference in Tarragona this afternoon. On behalf of entities opposing the project, you will evaluate new information. They stressed, “We have the opportunity to bury the project and inform you that we will bring to justice the licensing violations, which is the last resort that the government says prevents erasing this deviation from urban planning.”

At the time of closing this article, we have not received a copy of the facts or data from the government.

Kaisha standards deny any “commitment”

The agreement, which has now become known, provides for the “preservation of the availability of the land”, based on a letter dated 18 December 2020 bearing the seal of Criteria Caixa, and as a result, the government urges Incasòl to resume negotiations with all parties. But it is clear that in the message that directThe CEO of the banking entity Marcelino Armenter has cooled the relationship with the Catalan government.

In response to a letter sent to him by Albert Civit, then Director of the Catalan Soil Institute, on 14 December 2020, Arminter told the Director General that “it cannot be expected that it can guarantee anything other than the preservation of the disposition of the sale of land ownership” and stresses that this does not mean that there is “ “Commitment.” In addition, it reminds him that the “disposition” is “separable from any obligation or project of the Government of Catalonia regarding the subsequent disposition of the land on its part.”

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