April 2, 2023

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Bloomberg: “Pfizer’s financial investigation. It would have funneled 1.2 billion profits from Italy to avoid paying taxes.”

there Finance Police and therevenue agency I started a tax review against Pfizer allegedly evasion profit from 1.2 billion euros. The news was published by the agency Bloomberg Noting that the Italian authorities, at the present time, are only carrying out an investigation activity, the results of which have not yet been confirmed, but no verification report has been notified so far. According to rumors published by the American newspaper, the pharmaceutical giant transferred 1.2 billion euros of profits to divisions in other countries in order to Avoid paying taxes on profits.

According to the first rumors circulating, what? yellow flame Single checks are made Triangulation Between Italy and the tax haven Delaware To hide more than a billion in profits from the tax authorities. The process, the process that is carried out under the lens of finance, which is achieved Between 2017 and 2019so before the Covid emergency, which includes Pfizer Productions LLC And the Pfizer Manufacturing LLC Based in Delaware. The company would have decided not to distribute dividends in the three years under investigation precisely to prevent those funds from being taxed in Italy.

The verification of the business model stems from the financiers, with the Revenue Agency, in recent years on multinational companies to avoid internal transactions of large groups between Italy and foreign offices. A Pfizer spokesperson explained a Bloomberg He added that the company “complied with all Italian tax regulations and laws.”

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