Alfa Romeo, here’s the US plan. In 6 months he won the entire 2021

Alfa Romeo, here’s the US plan.  In 6 months he won the entire 2021

Alfa Romeo aims to strengthen itself in the US market, and for this reason, it has directly planned to develop a new “E-Class” luxury car (size XXL) in Michigan to be launched in 2027. A team of experts in the habits and tastes of Yankee customers. It was developed, but not produced abroad, and is subject to changes in strategy by the Stellantis Industrial Committee.

“It will be a car – which Stellantis CEO Alfa Romeo expects, Jean-Philippe Imbrato – that will have to adapt, even to the European and Chinese markets. Line? The right mix. Therefore, at work, designer Alejandro Mesonero, head of the Biscione Style Center, who will have to create a car taking into account the aerodynamic needs (sedans) in terms of trends that are equivalent to SUVs and crossovers, not forgetting the sporty genes. from the brand. The Stelvio and Giulia are already sold in the US, mostly in Quadrifoglio versions, which the Tonale will also join with custom setup, petrol engines and a plug-in hybrid.

Learned evaluated Alfa Romeo’s relaunch following the presentation of the group’s semi-annual accounts by CEO Carlos Tavares. It was Number One Stellantis who remarked, in a conversation with analysts, that “the brand was again very profitable; The transformation was completed even before Tonale was recently launched on the market.

I learned and then got into the details: «Already in June, we did our one-year quota in terms of contributing to the group. To this we must add the new Tonale contribution.” The reductions in production costs at the factories in Cassino, where Giulia and Stelvio were born, and Pomigliano d’Arco, who were chosen for Tonali, were crucial. “Casino – Imbrato added – halved them in one year, while the Campania plant achieved -20% in favor of productivity.” Among the adjusted costs are those for “over-allocations”. The formula adopted by Imparato: “In 2021, for example, we had 21 different types of tires to mount the model. Something as unaffordable as the costs. Also thanks to these interventions, Alfa Romeo achieved the same profit as the previous year in 6 months.”

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On the one hand, the USA and China on the other, which has been the unfinished big business of Biscione since the Fiat Group and the previous FCA. Imparato said Tavares, after closing its collaborative relationship with Gac, plans to import the Alfa Romeo and Ds brands under the wall, with Jeep, “in the name of the asset-light strategy indicated by our CEO.”

And Brenner? Expected to be a B-Suv in 2024? “It’s not going to be called – Biscione CEO identified -; we’re thinking and looking at the history of Alfa Romeo.” Vita? Novice? Perfection? MiTo duplicate? Or is it down to the numbers?

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