Unique exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology

Unique exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology

A rolling ball maneuvers a series of machines, a domino falling and spewing out a stylized Mona Lisa, a Vitruvian man spinning in the air from the Filaret Tower in Castello Sforzesco, an arm with exposed muscles holding a pen and drawing Darsena’s water. These are some of the eight digital artwork images that are shaping the future.”Leonardo’s vision“, a widespread permanent exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, opened today at National Museum of Science and Technology.

Exhibition through an application at the Museum of Science and Technology

The museum He participates as a scientific partner in the project, designed and developed by Bepart, which proposes a truly digital path through the places of Milan associated with Leonardo, with a look at the contemporary city. Piazza Gay Aulenti, Sempione Park, Sforzesco Castle, Piazza della Scala, Royal Palace, Conca del Naviglio, Darsena and Museum The same: in each of the eight stages, through a free-to-download app, visitors can literally immerse themselves in a digital installation with 3D animation, complete with audio presenting the artist’s vision in dialogue with that of Leonardo and with the surrounding reality.

Thanks New display technologyThe museum, which is based on augmented reality technologies, expands the museum space to include the entire city, and talks about Leonardo through the use of a smartphone. By downloading a fileImagineARit is actually possible to identify the places where the installation appears and discover unexpected paths in Milan: Artistic contents are displayed thanks to the phone’s camera and integrated with open spaces, mostly public, with respect to flat and uncluttered surfaces, such as sidewalks, gravel and lawns.

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Science and Technology Museum

The extensive exhibition can be used both independently and by booking a private tour with a professional guide, with the possibility of including a visit to the museum. All information on the site www.museoscienza.org.

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