ReggioTV – News – At MArRC, the seventh edition of the “Art and (“) Science” review

On March 24-25, 2022, MArRC will host the review, now in its eighth edition, ‘Art and (ʹ) Science.
The initiative, organized by the Italian Association of Archaeologists (AIAr), represented by President Mauro Francesco La Rosa, will be an opportunity to reflect on the “twinning” between art and science to disseminate knowledge and promote cultural heritage.
On this occasion, the doors of museums and archaeological sites will be opened across the country, giving the public the opportunity to see university researchers and other research institutions at work in close contact with those whose mission is to understand, restore, preserve and advertise. Artworks.
«The initiative organized at the Medical Research Center – announces Director Carmelo Malacrino – will host researchers from the Institute of Chemical-Physical Processes of the CNR in Messina and the STEBICEF Department of the University of Palermo. The museum, then, asserts itself once more, not only as a place in which to admire the beauty of the past, but as a center where research and educational publication can be conducted.”
“Also this year – despite the limitations and delays imposed by the pandemic – we are preparing for our regular review of art and (ʹ) science,” explains Rosa Ponterio, CNR researcher in Messina. This has become a regular appointment at MArRC, where we are actually located in the name of CNR- IPCF Messina since 2016. During the planned days, workstations with portable devices will be set up to share information and explanations with visitors and students regarding the use of applied scientific methodologies for the study of cultural heritage.He adds that this event constitutes an important opportunity to reflect on the vital relationship between cultural heritage and scientific methodologies. in diagnosing and preserving our artistic and cultural heritage.”
For Maria Luisa Saladino, Professor of the STEBICEF Department of Palermo «Art and (ʹ) Science», it is a moment to show citizens and students how science can contribute to the study of archaeological discoveries in collaboration with experts from other sectors such as archaeology and conservation. And the restorer. He says that the protection of cultural heritage is no longer the responsibility of only the experts in this sector, but the responsibility of the entire society and the scientific community. Today, new generations have at their disposal advanced devices, but above all portable and non-invasive devices, with which it is possible to optimally respond to the questions posed by the various professionals associated with the world of protection ».
The study day was organized in scientific coordination between MRC Archaeological Officers Daniela Costanzo and Maurizio Canata and restorer Barbara Vazzari.
“In the conference room of the museum – the latter announces – workstations that will host real Raman and XRF spectroscopy and 3D laser scanner reconstruction labs will be set up. Investigations will focus on some bronze artifacts from the ancient Locri Epiizefiri. In particular, the diagnostic study will allow to deepen the operational technique through spectral analysis and modular comparison through three-dimensional reconstruction ».

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