Who is Susanna Polo, the judge who will try Puigdemont and Wagnsberg on terrorism charges?

Susanna Polo reached the Supreme Court at the same time Carmen Lamelathe judge who ruled from the National Court The first prisons Through this process

But, unlike Lamela, Polo is a progressive judge. As a Democratic tsunami guru on the Supreme Court, one of her first decisions should be a citation Carles Puigdemont I Robin Wagensburg For terrorism

Susanna Polo The only woman From the Judgment Chamber of the Supreme Court. This changed the traditional image with King Felipe, at the opening ceremony of the judicial year. For the first time in eight years, last September, there was a woman in the photo.

Susanna Polo is the only woman in the Supreme Court's ruling chamber

Polo, the progressive judge

Polo arrived in the Government Chamber elected by his peers, unlike his boss in the Criminal Chamber, for example. Manuel MarchenaBecause the presidents of the chamber are born members of the government chamber.

Susanna Polo has been appointed judge of the Supreme Court In July 2018, at the same time that Carmen Lamela, the judge who issued the National Court, issued the first prison orders for this operation. Unlike Lamela, as a member of the court, Polo is a progressive judgeAssociation of Judges and Judges for Democracy.

At the swearing-in ceremony at the Supreme Court, Lamela was the godfather Manuel Marchena. On the other hand, polo was sponsored by two women, the judges Pilar Tiso I Clara Martinez de Careja.

Judge Carmen Lamela takes office at the Supreme Court with her godfather, President of the Second Chamber, Manuel Marchena, on September 18, 2018.

Susanna Polo She specializes in gender violence. He was the spokesman for the Supreme Court ruling that raised the penalties in the La Manada case from nine years imposed by the Navarra court to fifteen years. The highest considered it so It was a violationnot sexual assault.

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Before his appointment as a Supreme Court judge, Polo served at the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid and the Supreme Court of Madrid. Much earlier, at the beginning of his career, Al Investigative Court No. 20 From Barcelona.

Now, as the distribution created in the second room shifts to powered cases, he will have to take care of it Tsunami case instructions Regarding the former President of the State General Carles Puigdemont and ERC Deputy Robin Wagensberg, who at the end of January decided to leave for Switzerland.

Susana Polo was not part of the court that decided the case, but she spoke about the ruling that was issued. in Interview with Confilegal DigitalPolo stated that the sentence was “impeccable and even brilliant Technically (…) Without prejudice to the legal contradiction that may exist.”

The headquarters of the National Court is in Madrid

The rest goes to the national court

The remaining twelve investigated in the tsunami case remain in the hands of the judge Manuel Garcia Castellon To the National Court because it is not limited and, therefore, does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. This is the case of ERC Secretary General Marta Rovira in Switzerland as well.

As a teacher in the tsunami case, Susana Polo will have the same role in this case as Pablo Larrena has in this process. It can start with Request new procedures Or submit new reports to the Civil Guard, but the most important thing it will have to do at this initial stage is to summon the accused to voluntarily declare that they are under investigation.

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If they do not, a petition will be needed and only from there, arrest warrants can be issued. Opening The tsunami was caused by terrorism In the Supreme Court opens a scenario whose political ramifications are still far-fetched.

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