Uncertain stock markets look at U.S. job data, Piazza Afari St

Uncertain stock markets look at U.S. job data, Piazza Afari St

The trend of uncertainty European stock markets After the sharp decline in the eve triggered by signs of inflation data in the Federal Reserve and Europe. Piazza Afari (FTSE MIB) Stands alone in substantial decline, overhanging Frankfurt and Zurich. The market is waiting R. Contribution to American work In December – it should show growing numbers – investors are trying to digest the FOMC’s minutes, which the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy committee, which has shown the most aggressive approach on the part of US central bankers, is expected to raise rates from March this year. St. Louis Federal Reserve Chairman James Bullard, Said the first interest rate hike in the US could be in March. Precisely ahead of consumer prices, the release of the first December estimate for the euro zone is planned.

Standing alone in St. Milan, is the moment of truth for Carrie

Focus on the Piazza Affari StemicroelectronIX, which had a net income of $ 3.56 billion in the fourth quarter, was higher than the company’s estimate released in October. After the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, focus on the risk of the bank controlling the shareholder Bca Carige, Announced its intention to review and complete the offers received by Ligurian Bank by Monday: Banga Bob Er And Credit Agricol are two companies working on the process, although it is possible to recover the cerberus funds. Tile again Iveco Group, Ftse Mib Rally When Out Allerian.

Industrial production was low in Germany and France

Industrial production fell in November in both Germany and France.
According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, German industrial output fell 0.2% in November, according to Destatis’s forecasts, down 2.4% year-on-year and a month before the first restrictions were in place in February 2020. In Germany, the fall was 7% due to the epidemic. Summary in France in November: For Insee, -0.4% monthly and -5% compared to February 2020 levels.

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Stock market for Honda’s new plant in China, Tokyo Flat

An upward start, followed by a slide in the evening, then a turning point and finally closing in on the Thursday levels. Tokyo Stock Exchange (Nikkei 225) The difference between the desire to raise the weak yen fuel against the dollar in last week’s session and the range of uncertainties starts from waiting for the US employment data to be released during the night in Japan. Honda rose 0.64% to 3,430 yen after the announcement that a new plant dedicated to electric vehicles would be built in China with local partner Dongfeng. The new plant will be built in Wuhan and will have the capacity to produce 120,000 vehicles per year from 2024.

The Epiphany stop is linked to the central bank and inflation

European stock markets fell sharply on Thursday. In Piazza Affari, Ftse Mib ended 1.8%, Frankfurt -1.35% and Paris -1.74%. The notes on the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy were in the minutes of the last meeting in December and were released the previous evening, which had already triggered violent sales in Wall Street and Asian markets.

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