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The joint account is a cross and a joy for many couples. To evaluate a very popular financial instrument, think about it ilgiornale.it, which indicates in the introduction as well as in the system property community Under marriage, one of the spouses can open a personal checking account and thus be the only person to have access to the funds deposited in the same account.

In these circumstances, unless there are specific authorizations from the holder, the other spouse She can’t have any money, even if in theory it should be considered a public good. But in fact, it is quite another matter, when the account is jointly maintained. If you open with a separate signature, spouses can work on the deposit without any permission from the joint owner. Remember also that the money deposited in this account belongs to exactly half of each of the owners.

Ma Some funds remain the personal property of only one contractor, also in the system of goods sharing: refers to goods owned before the wedding, as well as money received from donations or inheritance even after marriage (unless otherwise specified in the donation deed or will). And again, among the individual assets, there are also money obtained as compensation for damages and / or a pension in connection with the partial or total loss of working capacity, and, finally, that money obtained from the sale of a piece of furniture or exclusive property. Feature.

But in the commodity society, the money earned After marriage, it becomes common, even if it is deposited into an exclusive and personal account (the above examples are exceptions).

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Finally, the conditions for a joint account with a separate signature: both spouses are authorized to carry out any type of banking operation without any permission from the other. Dual authorization It is used to open and close an account, as well as being necessary when it comes to a joint account with a separate signature. With one last exception, when one of the spouses is chosen as an authorized representative of banking operations (withdrawing and depositing money in most circumstances).

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