Meloni chose Vespa for his TV debut as Senior: Skip Amadeus

Meloni chose Vespa for his TV debut as Senior: Skip Amadeus

Politics will make her TV debut as Prime Minister in the Porta a Porta special at the time of the arrival of Rai 1, which airs on Wednesdays in place of Soliti Ignoti

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Bruno Vespa interview Georgia Meloni. The video coupling is certainly not new: Dean has hosted opinion journalists several times in his TV living room Leader of the Italian Brotherhood. This time though the event – upcoming opinion 1 – It will be a maiden in its own way, because it will be there First interview on TV Awarded by the Roman Politics in the new role of the Prime Minister.

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The preview comes from Tvblog, which is leaking Date And the details affiliate The new scoop marked by Bruno Vespa. the Door to door private With Georgia Meloni You will find a space in the first grid timeline Wednesday 21st DecemberAnd for the occasion – according to the recklessness of the site – Viale Mazzini is planning one slot not released for Vespa TV habits. The confrontation between the journalist and the new prime minister will already be enjoyed by The finest stage in today’s televisionor thatArrival at peak times. This is the period of time in which the opinion gets 1 Listen upwhich recently returned to host The usual anonymous game showhad to miss several dates over the past month to make room for the evening games World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

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The next Wednesday, Amadeus So he’ll have to pass the baton to Bruno Vespa and his Porta a Porta, around which he’ll host Giorgia Meloni 20:30between brackets Tg1 in the evening And the prime time program that will be on this occasion.Arnoldo Mondadori Books to Change the WorldFrancesco Mecchi’s TV movie starring the cast Michael Placidoand Flavio Parente and Valeria Cavalli.

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