Ukrainians flee from the Donbass River. And Moscow admits losses –

Ukrainians flee from the Donbass River.  And Moscow admits losses –
to Andrea Nicastro, our correspondent in Lozova (Kharkiv)

The Kyiv government orders a “complete exit” from the eastern regions in order to stop the new Russian offensive, Putin’s spokesman says many soldiers have fallen.

Lesson learned from Mariupol It is presented. Such that Bucha Based on Borodinka. Fear has dug itself into the bottom of the retina. When you look at the arrows marking the movements of Russian troops, you no longer imagine cinematic scenes, with tanks steel and puffs of smoke. The epic of war melted into the prose of the stinking butcher’s shop. Behind those maps we now see helpless bodies, legs sticking out of the ground, hands tied behind their backs, and cities turned into tombs without graves. You can’t survive if the Russians attack. The thought became a nightmare in the light of day. It turned out that the “special operation” to save the “brotherly people” was a massacre carried out by bombing with carpets and massacres. Then he flees to eastern Ukraine. As long as it is on time. Women and children first. Those who do not have a car can go to a safer place by bus then train.

Cities are like trenches

Starting from the centers closest to the new Russian offensive from Kharkiv, he overtakes Izyum and places himself behind the Ukrainian forces defending themselves from the Donbass separatists. There are already 15,000 inhabitants of Popasna not far from Lugansk, one of the two “capitals” of the rebelsBuses are afraid to move: lots of artillery on the roads. “Then it is better to leave, before Russian death reaches you and your familyThe Ukrainian governor of Lugansk warned. It’s not an obligation, but those photos seen so many times are enough to trigger the mass escape. The Ukrainian army may also have realized that if it is to use cities as trenches, it is better That there are no civilians hiding in basements. Firstly, they drain resources, secondly, their tragedy lowers the morale of the troops, thirdly, the lesson learned, they do not serve to induce the enemy to lighten the fire.

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Deputy Prime Minister on stage

The “All from the eastern provinces He arrived from Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk and was immediately attacked on trains and roads. Yesterday the road from Kramatorsk (in the Ukrainian Donbass) to Dnipro Which normally takes three hours and requires 12. Tens of thousands of cars are queuing at constant checkpoints, with concern that they will run out of petrol because distributors are already drying up. Civilian tank trucks deserve the Medal of Courage on every journey. They are characteristic targets of Russian drones, and yet they continue, as soon as possible, to refuel at service stations. For trains, the principle of priority of the weakest applies. Tickets are not even for sale, the service is required by the state.

Next goal

Rubizhne appears to be the next site in the line of fire. Then there will be Severodonetsk, Parvenkov, and Lizichanskaya. All the localities in the Ukrainian-controlled Lugansk province that Moscow wants to make its own before attacking the two main preys: Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, that is, Bergamo and Brescia in terms of population. All centers must be emptied. The fall of these two cities would have authorized the conquest of the Donbass coal basin on the condition that Mariupol surrendered in the meantime. The siege of the coastal city lasted more than 5 weeks, but the Ukrainians still resisted. In an interview with Sky Newsfor the first time yesterday, Kremlin spokesman Dmytro Peskov admitted “Big losses” among their forces, ‘An enormous tragedy for us’. But the countdown to the May 9 victory envisioned by Putin continues anyway.

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It appears that the Russian planners did a slightly better job this time than they did in February. The supply lines of troops in the Donbass quarter were now three, and the columns of the offensive should not run out anymore. The Russians will receiveOr refueling ships through the port of BerdnyanskWith trains on the rail line arriving from Russia a hundred kilometers near the front and with trucks across Izyum, one of the bridges blown up by the retreating Ukrainians was reconstructed in record time. Over the attack for three days in this segmentAnd the Russians bombed enemy lines In order to prevent a counterattack and in the meantime to accumulate weapons, ammunition, food, fuel and all the goods that will be needed on the arrival of the new forces that the Kremlin is trying to gather. It will not be easy. Many feel tired, frustrated and frightened and would like to end the contract. However, repatriation may lead directly to a court-martial.

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