The hole in the ozone is closing, the base that serves | Gramellini coffee

The hole in the ozone is closing, the base that serves |  Gramellini coffee

advertising that The ozone hole is closing Bring back my twenties, when The ozone hole was the fear Moment. I remember an article explaining how relentlessly The future holds for us an increase in skin diseases and the poor crocodile extinction. Therefore, the wonder of this news is twofold: while The ozone mantle is re-compressed, and eventually the resignation layer is ruptured that surrounded us lately. It is not true that any effort is futile and any outcome is random, nor that life is like a driverless train that plows into the night with the lights out. then Manufacturing companies immediately abandoned the notorious CFCsAble to penetrate the ozone layer that is placed between us and the sun’s rays, and after forty years this choice has shown its beneficial effects. So Not only is it possible to change, but change actually does something.

But on one condition. Montreal Protocol The year 1987, signed by almost every country in the world, not only banned harmful chemicals, but Giving the United Nations the means of control Comply with the agreement and punish violators. Next time someone tells me that nothing more can be done to stop the ongoing environmental disaster, I’ll answer: Perhaps one can copy what was done at that time.

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