Video shock, how it ends – Libero Quotidiano

Video shock, how it ends – Libero Quotidiano

Crazy brawl between A man it’s a kangaroo. As shown in this video posted on .’s website daily Mail taken from Dagosbya, a gentleman being chased by a kangaroo and had to fight hand to hand with a marsupial to survive. It happened in Australia, where there are thousands of kangaroo attacks on humans every year. These animals, in fact, are not aggressive in themselves, but they can attack if they feel threatened. As clearly happened in this case.

Video of a fight between a man and a kangaroo in Australia

The video occupying the scene, posted on the Instagram page of the Ballina community in New South Wales, shows the horrific moments in which the victim is suddenly attacked by a marsupial and defends himself with all his might in combat. At one point it was a kangaroo Trample on the unfortunate, who, however, managed to stand up again. Then the man catches A Stick And waving it against the animal, all in order to be able to save the skin. In the end the victim managed to subdue the angry marsupial. But it was really a very difficult and unexpected battle, a battle that revolved around the web.

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