Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russia still occupies 2,610 cities and villages”

Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russia still occupies 2,610 cities and villages”

“After February 24, the territory of ten regions of Ukraine was affected by hostilities. During this period, 1027 cities, towns and others were liberated. 2,610 are still under Russian occupationThe President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, expressed himself in a video on Telegram, stressing – in view of the Lugano conference on the reconstruction of the country at war – that “most of these centers need to be reconstructed”.

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Zelensky asserts that “dozens of cities in other regions of Ukraine were bombed. Hundreds of enterprises were destroyed and among them also very complex and dangerous industries of chemistry and metallurgy”, he concludes: “We have already started on our own to restore normalcy in liberated societies, but cannot Carrying out such a large project throughout the national territory only by attracting international opportunities.” He adds: “There will be important negotiations and meetings tomorrow and during the next week for Ukraine,” stressing that “we will not reduce diplomatic activity for one day. We also expect new decisions from partners regarding defense assistance to our state.”

In the past few hours, “air strikes and intense fighting continues along the entire front line in Donbass: the epicenter is in the cities of the Luhansk region.” Zelensky also refers to the missile attacks, “there were already six in the evening, with a total of 12 missiles, against the Mykolaiv and Donetsk regions.”

“The activity of the enemy in the region intensified,” says Zelensky in the Kharkiv region, stressing that “we managed to drive out the occupiers from Ivanivka in the Kherson region, and we are still pressing on the south of the country.”

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