Tlc, FCC Alarm: “In the US, it would take an additional 3 billion to remove Chinese equipment”

Tlc, FCC Alarm: “In the US, it would take an additional 3 billion to remove Chinese equipment”

No more than 2 billion dollars but 4.9 billion It will be required by the US authorities to remove from US networks Infrastructures built by Chinese telecom giants, Huawei and Zteconsidered a “national security threat” by Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This was reported by the committee itself to Congress American.

$4.98 billion is required to fund the repayment program, so there are currently $3.8 billion short-term Jessica RosenworselChairman of the Federal Communications Commission, in a letter to Senator Maria Cantwell. In fact, Congress previously approved a $1.9 billion loan for the removal of Huawei and ZTE, and based on this figure, the companies affected by this action will receive offset about 40%. Any phone operator that fails to remove Chinese equipment will be automatically expelled from the $8.3 billion US government funding program.

Appointment in 2019

Three years ago, in 2019, the US Congress passed a law calling on the Federal Communications Commission to compel US telecom companies that receive federal subsidies to “clean” their networks of equipment whose (Chinese) ownership might pose “threats to national security,” in exchange for a re-search. That’s why the FCC has designated ZTE and Huawei as national security threatsand arranging for US companies to remove their infrastructure, and replace it with one funded by the same program. Therefore, this program is more expensive than expected.

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The Washington government accuses Huawei of being directly linked to the government and military sector in Beijing, to which it will disclose sensitive data to its customers. However, Huawei has long denied the allegations, citing a lack of evidence and an American attempt.Politically motivated action to curb China’s progress“.

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