“Thank you to the US Navy for protecting Italy and Europe”

“Thank you to the US Navy for protecting Italy and Europe”

“I thank the US Navy for the words expressed by Sicily and for the activity it takes to protect the security of Italy and Europe.” This was stated by the President of the Sicilian region, Renato Schiffani, who arrived yesterday at noon, at the invitation of the Consul General of the United States in Naples, Tracy Roberts Pounds, as a guest on board the US aircraft carrier “George HW Bush”, in which she operates. In the past few days it has occurred in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea. The purpose of the visit was to emphasize Sicily’s central role in the United States’ relations with Italy and other Allied nations and to demonstrate integrated operations in support of maritime security within NATO.

“We know – Shivani added – that our land is a strategic area in the Mediterranean, just as we are grateful to the US Army and the armed forces of NATO for the essential contribution they make for the security and protection of our populations and countries. I am always pleased to receive appreciation for the welcome that the Sicilians have always shown towards American Army and for the fruitful co-operation between Sicily, Italy and the U.S. and my government will always be able to display by deeds this sense of friendship and strong relationship with the American people and their institutions.”

Also aboard the USS were Chief Ars Gaetano Galvagno, Consul General of the United States in Naples Tracy Roberts-Pounds, Commander of Sigonella Airfield, and Stormo Antisom No. 41 Colonel Emanuel DiFrancesco, Commander of the Navy. Air Station Sigonella, Captain Aaron Shoemaker and Regional Representative Michelle Mancuso.

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“Italy and Europe – as Ars President Gaetano Galvagno said – have an important ally in the US Navy, an extraordinary partner and friend. It is also thanks to the presence of the ‘Bush’ aircraft carrier that helps maintain a very high level of security and stability in the Mediterranean region “I thank the US military leaders for inviting them aboard one of the largest aircraft carriers of the US Navy, and I assure them of my personal commitment and that of the Parliament of Sicily to preserve and consolidate friendship and cooperation. Finally, I am certain that Italy, Europe and America will continue to work together in the name of common values ​​of peace and security.”

“It is an honor to meet with President Schiffani and to express our gratitude to our Italian and Sicilian partners and friends for the continued support given to our coalition and to the US Navy. It was a demonstration of the continued commitment of the crew of the” group, Admiral Dennis Velez, Commander, Carrier Strike Group 10, George H. W. Bush. “George HW Bush’s strikes on the Sicilian authorities by supporting stability and peace are a great opportunity to strengthen our historic ties and highlight Sicily’s essential role in supporting operations in the US European Command’s area of ​​responsibility.”

“I’ve been fortunate – added Captain Dave Pollard, commanding George H.W. Bush to serve in Italy and with our partners in southern Italy, throughout my career and this deployment is a result of that extraordinary relationship in support of the coalition. Every aspect, from supplies reaching us from ships Departure from the port of Augusta, to the logistical and air support of Naval Air Station Sigonella, to the assistance and care of the Naval Hospital Sigonella, we owe it to the welcome and generosity of the Sicilians. Our team is grateful for the continued support we receive from the Sicilians.”

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